Nicky Stokes

Tom King

Tom is our latest apprentice to join our team as a Trainee Technical Assistant. Yes another Tom! So we have nicknamed him “Kingy” and/or “TK”. TK is studying a Level 3 IT Course at the Heart of Worcestershire College in Worcester. At the moment TK is shadowing his technical colleagues and learning the ropes. Soon he will have enough knowledge and confidence of MIETrak Pro to be able to go solo!

“I am glad for the position and opportunity given to me at MIE. I always thought my first job would be daunting and intimidating, but I have been given a warm and welcoming acceptance and feel right at home. I look forward to increasing my knowledge and experience with MIETrak Pro and within the work place.”

Tom enjoys video gamesĀ in between working and studying!

Skyla Mann

Skyla is our latest addition to the team. With her puppy eyes she has us all eating out of her paws. Georgia is finding training our new apprentice a bit of a handful. We are all hoping with Georgia’s mature nature and experience that she will soon have Skyla focusing on the job in hand and not just being cute!

Georgia Mann

Georgia is our security lady. She is 11 years old and is very much a daddy’s girl! She enjoys whining (very loudly) and cuddles in between phone calls. Her favourite time of the day is lunchtime where she is quite partial to a lick of yogurt from her fellow work colleague’s pots.

Heather Waterson

Heather is responsible for the marketing of MIE Solutions and works closely with Sam in building our web and social media presence within the market, in the hope that our product can benefit more manufacturing businesses. Heather enjoys collecting “old” books and can often be found hidden in the depths of many an antique bookshop searching for her next read. When Heather is not working she enjoys spending time with her boys and walking her dog. Any extra time she finds herself with then retail therapy is a must!

“Working at MIE Solutions is relaxed but professional. Promoting and working with a world class product such as MIETrak Pro is very rewarding. “

Josh Lawrence

Josh started here as an apprentice and has now been taken on full time as a trainee technical assistant. Josh has been with us now for over a year and is currently studying for his MTA exams as well as his Level 3 advanced IT apprenticeship. Josh also is a supporter of Aston Villa and enjoys playing football and socialising. He has just passed his driving test and enjoys playing the drums (hopefully he won’t be doing both at the same time).

“I am grateful for the position MIE has given to me, opening up my experiences in this field and learning about a world class product such as MIETrak whilst studying, is a great opportunity.”

Jasmine Sanderson

Jas started with us in November 2015. And is currently studying, Advanced IT Course Level 3 at The Heart of Worcestershire College. Jas is an extremely confident 18 year old that has shown huge potential already. She is very creative and is already making positive changes within the office. Her interests include all things video gaming related as well as her special babies; Spiggy her Japanese Akita and Odin her Mastiff Wolfhound.

“My main ambition is to become a qualified software programmer / designer, as I’ve always enjoyed writing my own coding and seeing how it looks when I run it (even when it fails and excessive frustration kicks in!). I would like to learn SQL in depth and be able to know my way around MIETrak like the back of my hand!”

Tom Griffin

Tom started over 2 years ago as an apprentice here at MIE Solutions. He now actively assists customers with any software issues on our support desk as well as having valuable input within the marketing department. Tom enjoys watching football and supports Aston Villa. Tom finally passed his theory test and is currently learning to drive ~ So watch this space…we will give you fair warning when he has been released onto our UK roads!

“I enjoy having a job within the IT Sector and the fact that we have a KFC and McDonald’s across the road can only be a bonus!”

Ant Garratt

Ant has been with the company now for over two years. He enjoys assisting customers with their MIETrak queries and maintaining customer satisfaction. Ant enjoys liaising and having general chit chat with the customers, often without realising the humour he has caused in the office with his very unusual facts.

Ant enjoys TV and films whilst drinking an obscene amount of tea, although it has to be said that he makes a wicked cup of coffee.

“What I enjoy most is the team banter, liaising with the customers, creating SQL queries and furthering my knowledge within this area of software”

Tom Trow-Poole

Tom assists Sam within all aspects of sales and is responsible for finding and approaching new leads as well as carrying out demonstrations to prospective clients. His experience is within the sales, production and installation of the window, door and glass industry in both the UK and Australia. His knowledge within the manufacturing sector enables him to sell our product from a production point of view rather than an IT technicians view.

TTP (as he has been nicknamed) enjoys movies, music, sports, gym and travelling.

“I am really looking forward to my new challenge here at MIE. I can use my experience to ensure we continue to be known for our product and for what MIETrak Pro can offer to the entire manufacturing industry.”

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