Jas started with us in 2015 as our third apprentice. In 2016 Jas completed her Advanced IT Apprenticeship Level 3 and was then employed permanently to advise and assist our increasing customer base. Jas has developed her knowledge of MIETrak Pro within this time and alongside her additional IT Skills has become a positive addition to our technical support team. Jas brings a feminine touch to a very male dominated department.

Interests include all things video gaming related (namely The Legend Of Zelda), decorating her house with far too many pillows and showing up the guys at her local gym!

“My main ambition is to become a qualified software programmer / designer, as I’ve always enjoyed writing my own coding and seeing how it looks when I run it (even when it fails and excessive frustration kicks in!). I would like to learn SQL in depth and be able to know my way around MIETrak like the back of my hand!”

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