Why is investing in IT imperative to manufacturing success? – 16th August 2017

Despite the decline since the 1970s, when manufacturing contributed 25% of UK GDP, the UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world.

Overall, the UK’s industrial sector has increased by 1.4% a year since 1948, according to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS attributes the sustained growth to a better quality; more skilled workforce; a shift in production from low to high productivity goods; improvements in automation and technology; increased investment in R&D, and a more integrated global economy.

Some 71% of manufacturers have said that they had spent more on IT than in the previous year. Looking at the past three years together, unprecedented numbers of manufacturers have spent increased amounts on IT.  Overall, 88% of respondents reported spending more or the same as in the previous year, leaving just one-in-eight reporting that their business actually spent less.

When asked what form, precisely, did this investment take, ERP dominated – as it has in previous years – with 42% identifying it as their top investment priority.

So to stay ahead of the rest and keep up with your competitors,  you need to take a look at MIETrak Pro, designed for the Manufacturing sector; adaptable, easy to use, install and implement.  Can you afford not to invest?

* Information has come from the Hennik Research – Annual Manufacturing Report via The Manufacturer

How do you determine which ERP manufacturing software provider to choose? – 2nd August 2017

How do you determine which ERP manufacturing software provider to choose? – 2nd August 2017

Research, research, and more research.  This can be the most enjoyable step.  You need to search the net, read blogs, check out social media, referrals and download white papers.  The more effort you put in now will reward you later. The more knowledge you gain and the wiser you become, the easier it will be to make your decision.

The main areas you will need to learn about ERP/MRP Software are these:

  • What functions do these systems perform?
  • Learn the industry terminology.
  • Remember it is all about improving your business. You are making a huge investment not only in monetary terms but in time.  So use the opportunity to improve and redesign your processes, and always have the ultimate goal to improve your efficiency.
  • Finally get a sense of what these systems cost.

So set yourself some tasks:

  • Understand the basic software functionality.
  • Research newer, more advanced software capabilities.
  • Identify ten ways that MRP software will make your manufacturing business more efficient.
  • Get a sense of what a new software system will cost.

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Effective Inventory Management with MRP software – 19th July 2017

Effective Inventory Management with MRP software – 19th July 2017

The first question of effective inventory management is not, “how much inventory should we have?” Nor is it, “when should we make or buy something?” The most important question to ask in today’s manufacturing environment is, “given our system and environment, where should we place inventory to have the best protection?”

Once you have established and replenished your inventory positions, the actual levels of your inventory have to be initially set.  Over the course of time, group and individual traits can and will change as new suppliers and materials are used, new markets are opened and/or old markets deteriorate and manufacturing capacities and methods change.

Inventory controls within an MRP system will allow your company to adapt to group and individual part changes over time through the use of several types of adjustments. So as more or less variability is encountered or as a company’s strategy changes, so will your MRP system.  It will allow you to adapt and change it to fit the environment of the time.

Take a look at MIETrak Pro and see how we can improve your Inventory control and visibility.

What could happen without an MRP & Production Control Software solution? – 5th July 2017

What could happen without an MRP & Production Control Software solution? – 5th July 2017

It is imperative that companies control the types and quantities of material they purchase, plan which products are to be produced and in what quantities to ensure that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost for both you and your customer.

Making a bad decision in any of these areas will make the company lose money. 


  • If a company purchases insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing (or the wrong item) it may be unable to meet contract obligations to supply products on time.
  • If a company purchases excessive quantities of an item, money is wasted – the excess quantity ties up cash while it remains as stock that might never be used at all.
  • Beginning production of an order at the wrong time can cause customer deadlines to be missed.

This is where an MRP tool can deal with these problems. It provides answers to several questions:

  • What items are required?
  • How many are required?
  • When are they required?

MRP can be applied both to items that are purchased from outside suppliers and to sub-assemblies, produced internally, that are components of more complex items.

Can you continue to take the risk of not having an MRP system in place?


Then take a look at MIETrak Pro a complete all round MRP & Production Control Software for all types of manufacturing industries.


Why do you need to buy MRP software? – 21st June 2017

Why do you need to buy MRP software? – 21st June 2017

The basic functions of an MRP system include Inventory control, bill of material processing and scheduling.  MRP helps manufacturing businesses to maintain low inventory levels as well as helping to plan manufacturing, purchasing and delivery activities.

Every manufacturing business faces the same daily demands of their customers.  The demand of wanting products to be available in a shorter time than it takes to make them – so some level of planning is required to meet these demands.

It is imperative that companies control the types and quantities of material they purchase, plan which products are to be produced and in what quantities to ensure that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost for both you and your customer.

Making a bad decision in any of these areas will make your company lose money.

So to gain visibility across all aspects of your manufacturing business from the front office through to invoicing you need MIETrak Pro.  We are a front runner in all MRP and Production Control processes and have been for over 25 years with a successful worldwide product we have the experience, knowledge and the professionalism to ensure you remain profitable and competitive as you grow and develop.

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Do you have MRP & Production Control Software to cope with post Brexit manufacturing changes? – 19th April 2017

This year will see a significant number of changes in manufacturing around the globe.

Some of these changes are being brought on by economic changes such as Brexit, but most are due to the ever-evolving manufacturing technology.

If a hard Brexit occurs, although we won’t know much until after March, it is likely that British manufacturing companies will seek out new markets and new products. To cater for this, companies may need to produce new products, which in turn will require companies to revamp their hardware and production lines.

If this is the case, significant investment would be needed to upgrade this technology. Is your company prepared for this? Can your system handle increased workloads? Maybe it is time to buy an ERP software manufacturing solution for your manufacturing business.

MIE Solutions UK is an ERP Manufacturing Software Provider of MIETrak Pro. From Quotation/Estimating to Shipping/Invoicing and so much in between MIETrak Pro our MRP Production Control software is a complete software solution that is easy to install, implement and use.

Our MRP software is cost effective and comes with the option of a world class support network.

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Does MRP Software really improve customer satisfaction? – 5th April 2017

With Production Control Manufacturing software you can raise the bar with your customer service from OK to exceptional.  Sales and customer service staff can interact more quickly and effectively with customers, as they have more accurate access to customer’s information and history.  If you choose the right MRP Software, reports can be designed for all eventualities’ giving you an intensive picture of your whole manufacturing company and its processes.

To be able to know what your manufacturing company is achieving you need to be able to see with your own eyes where your inconsistencies are and then make the positive changes to create a more effective and profitable environment.

With MIETrak Pro a complete capacity planning software solution is here.

With over 25 years experience within the manufacturing industry MIETrak Pro is the MRP Software you need to buy. Our promise to you is that we would never sell our Manufacturing ERP software if the fit wasn’t right!

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Selecting the right MRP Production Control Software for your Manufacturing Company – 22nd March 2017

Where do you start?  The research phase can be the most enjoyable step in the software selection process.  You can surf the net, read blogs, check out social media and download white papers.  The more research you put in now will reward you later and allow you to gain knowledge and be wiser, in short listing the software providers.

To be able to fully capitalise on your investments you need an MRP Manufacturing Software that offers a front and back end system that would help you to respond to customer requests more quickly, simplify front and back office management and at the same time improve visibility across every aspect of your operation.

In short, MIETrak Pro a Manufacturing ERP system delivers all this and so much more. 

It boasts unrivaled production planning visibility enabling your business to load and plan to capacity; ensuring your products are turned around efficiently.

Contact us today and see how MIETrak Pro can revolutionise your manufacturing processes.



Why MRP Software? – 21st November 2016

As UK manufacturing exports rise but price pressures grow it is imperative that UK Manufacturing remains cost effective and efficient.

It has been reported that UK manufacturing remained on a “firm footing” last month, with the weaker pound boosting exports. However, the fall in the pound also had a “marked” impact on costs, with the price of imported goods rising.

With about 90% of companies reporting rising import costs, specific reference was made to the exchange rate.

So how can UK Manufacturers stay in control of their business?

One solution is an MRP Software specific for all Manufacturing sectors.

With this is in mind MIETrak Pro can offer you a solution. Operational for over 25 years in the manufacturing sector. MIETrak Pro is the MRP Software that all manufacturers need for efficient, cost effective production control.

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Why MRP Production Control Software? – 14th November 2016

The scope of MRP in manufacturing.

In 1983, Oliver Wight developed MRP into manufacturing resource planning (MRP II). In the 1980s, Joe Orlicky’s MRP evolved into Oliver Wight’s manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) which brings master scheduling, rough-cut capacity planning, capacity requirements planning, SOP in 1983 and other concepts to classical MRP. By 1989, about one third of the software industry was MRP II software sold to American industry ($1.2 billion worth of software).

MRP is not a new concept, what is new is the availability of MRP Production Control Software to all manufacturing businesses. MRP Software no longer is just for the big boys!

MIETrak Pro is specifically designed to mold into the smallest of manufacturing producers to the largest of manufacturing producers.

Our MRP Production Control Software will change your outlook on manufacturing forever.

Contact MIE Solutions UK today.

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