• Lincoln Precision Engineering Ltd

    Lincoln Precision Engineering Ltd

    “We are among the fastest growing Laser Cutting manufacturers within the East Midlands. Our vast product portfolio helps us to cater to the needs of various industries. We’re in operation 24 hours a day and our prime focus is supplying quality components at a competitive price with fast lead times. This dedication and commitment has been maintained with our MRP manufacturing software ~ MIETrak Pro.MIETrak Pro is a product that has been developed, adapted and used in the manufacturing sector for over 25 years. The experience and knowledge that MIE Solutions UK is able to offer a manufacturing company is commendable. MIE Solutions developers are able to adapt their software to each individual customers requirements and each manufacturing sector. A software this versatile is a must have for any manufacturing establishment.With the accurate and in depth reporting and all round capabilities we have been able to continue to grow and make decisions based on the information produced through MIETrak Pro. Therefore ensuring we are more effective in the market place and profitable for further investments”.

    Mr Aron Wherrell, Director

  • Formrite Ltd

    Formrite Ltd

    “MIETrak Pro is a complete solution. This MRP software is able to track and document raw materials to finished goods, it is also able to provide information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current situations on the shop floor can be optimised to ensure improved production output. MIETrak Pro works in real time capacity, enabling us to control multiple elements of the production processes, from scheduling, to personnel, to machine placement, to downtime, to delivery. MIETrak Pro really is the manufacturing MRP software that all manufacturing industries should install. It is value for money, their support network is world class and their knowledge of the manufacturing sectors is refreshing. MIE Solutions honest, professional approach is encouraging and reassuring, their product really is an outstanding complete manufacturing solution.”

    Mr Gary Fairs, Director

  • Teperay Precision Sheet Metal

    Teperay Precision Sheet Metal

    “We have been with MIE Solutions for a considerable amount of time and we have always classed MIETrak and the support team behind it to be a contributing factor to our ongoing success and continual improvement policy.”

    Mr Terry Belcher, Director

  • Kiyokuni Europe Ltd

    Kiyokuni Europe Ltd

    “The main reason for this choice was, as an accredited TS16949 Tier 2 Automotive supplier, we had to make sure that any new system provided the traceability and control that this standard requires and MIETrak Pro offers both.MIETrak Pro has given us the ability to take several standalone systems and incorporate them into one making it much easier to share information between employees at all levels. This has enabled us to move to totally live production bookings on the Shop Floor (via Kiosk) and live stock movements (via Barcode Scanner Server). This has improved stock accuracy as problems can be resolved at source and this leads to enhance MRP’s effectiveness.MRP is the main driver for our business and MIE Solutions were open to develop their MRP system to one that I firmly believe is now World Class, not only proposing POs / WOs to meet demand but also suggesting move proposals for existing orders as customer demand changes, either short term or long term.The system is very cost effective, especially when compared to other like for like systems on the market today, but this in no way compromises what MIETrak Pro delivers. The reporting systems are excellent via Quick View Reports and if we’ve been unsure how to create a report MIE Solutions have been more than happy to assist us.Support / training is of a very high standard, quick response, excellent problem solving and very professional. MIETrak Pro has evolved in the time that we’ve been using the system with enhancements, some that we use, some that we don’t, but it’s predominantly our choice and timescale which is very comfortingWhilst Kiyokuni Europe Limited are not a sheet metal manufacturer, MIETrak Pro has seamlessly replaced our old ERP system within our manufacturing environment where we use multi level BOMs and Cellular production units. I am more than happy to discuss Kiyokuni’s experiences with MIETrak Pro from the selection process to going live – My contact details are available from MIE Solutions UK Ltd.”

    Simon Pease IT / Purchasing / Planning Manager

  • Contracts Engineering Ltd

    Contracts Engineering Ltd

    “We have been with MIE Solutions for many years and have always been extremely pleased with the product and support they offer. To progress to the newer version of the software only helps in highlighting our continual investment in industry leading software. We view the MIE team as partners with us and their support during our upgrade led to a very smooth, seamless transition.”

    Troy Barratt, Managing Director

  • Gammax Independent Services Ltd

    Gammax Independent Services Ltd

    “We found MIE Solutions experienced and professional both in their MIETrak software and support. This ensured a smooth transition to the MIETrak software and this has been met with huge enthusiasm within Gammax Ltd. MIE Solutions are able to provide everything we need to control all aspects of our business from start to finish and is manufacturing specific in its abilities. MIETrak software has played an important factor to our ongoing success.”

    William Brennan, Managing Director

  • Runfold Plastics Ltd

    Runfold Plastics Ltd

    “After reviewing many software packages available, the decision to replace our current MRP system with MIETrak was an easy one. Its outstanding capabilities made the implementation process quick and we were fully operational in next to no time. This is an extremely cost effective package and the support and training received have been exceptional. I look forward to the future working with MIE .”

    Karen Horne, General Manager

  • Recol Engineering Ltd

    Recol Engineering Ltd

    “MIE Trak Pro was our preferred option as it provides a complete software solution specifically developed for the engineering / manufacturing industry. The latest version will integrate and streamline Recol’s operation across all the sales, manufacturing, engineering and accounting functions to provide maximum efficiency.The introduction of Real Time Tracking complemented by improvements to our Cost Control, MRP, Scheduling, Reporting, Quoting, Job Costing, Inventory Control modules will provide the solid foundations to support our business expansion.The excellent service and support provided by Sam, Chris and the rest of the team at MIE Solutions has been instrumental to the success of this project.”

    Noel Lovatt, Commercial Director

  • Online Engineering Systems Ltd

    Online Engineering Systems Ltd

    “Having previously used an MRP system that didn’t quite meet our requirements and required money being spent constantly, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that MIETrak offers all modules as standard, rather than charging for each individually.Their training and support have been second to none and we have yet to be told that ‘you can’t do that’ when requesting a change or a new report. Nothing is too much trouble and if they don’t have an answer to hand, they let you know and keep you updated on the progress of the request.We have recommended MIETrak to our sister companies one of whom has already made the switch. We would recommend MIE Solutions to anyone looking at bringing their MRP/scheduling system into the 21st Century, as our increased efficiency as a result of the system will more than pay for the product”

    Jane Butler, Online Engineering

  • Metal Assemblies Ltd

    Metal Assemblies Ltd

    “We have been working with MIE and its manufacturing MRP software – MIETrak for a few years now and have always found both the software and the team at MIE effective and productive in both their capabilities and the product and service they provide.”

    Iain Collis, Managing Director

  • Pro-Tech Precision Ltd

    Pro-Tech Precision Ltd

    “We have been using MIETrak since 1997 and have found it really beneficial in helping our Company secure new Customers, and maintain our existing ones. MIETrak is also a tool for controlling our Aerospace contracts. It is and has become an integral part of our ongoing success.”

    Kevin Wise, Technical Director

  • Drury Precision Engineering Ltd

    Drury Precision Engineering Ltd

    “It was obvious from the outset that MIE Solutions UK Ltd and MIETrak are meant for us. The full range of modules it included and the no hidden costs are extremely compatible to what was needed within our diverse Company. The software from start to finish has been received with the ongoing support within our Company from both our internal team and the competent MIETrak support staff, and can only continue to develop with us in the future.”

    Dan Rack, Director

  • Fascia Graphics Ltd

    Fascia Graphics Ltd

    “In our industry we deal with so many different products, different processes, different customers and for us to be able to ensure we keep everything in order from the initial quote, to purchasing, to inventory, to assigning the works order, to production control, to delivery, to invoicing and everything else in between, MIETrak Pro really is the market leading MRP production control software.As soon as we experienced the demonstration process from Sam Hawkes, we instantly knew this product was for Fascia. The whole process was professional, the demonstration time was completely dedicated to us, every question was answered and every aspect was covered. Sams’ knowledge of the manufacturing sector gave us confidence that MIE Solutions and MIETrak Pro are exactly what we needed! The implementation of MIETrak Pro has ensured that we remain the market leader in our industry. For us one of the main reasons for choosing MIETrak Pro was for the Quality control areas of the software. This aspect ensures that we remain quality efficient and able to maintain our highest standards - a huge and proud core of what Fascia is about. MIE Solutions - MIETrak Pro is fully adaptable with our ever changing demands, Their professionalism and knowledge in our industry and their product fill you with reassurance. No problem is too big or too small. And their support team are always available to give advice and assistance should you need it”

    Michael Hole, Systems Improvement Manager

  • Direct Engineering

    Direct Engineering

    “We have been with MIE Solutions UK and using MIETrak since 2011. Recently we have migrated across to MIETrak Pro and only wish we had done it sooner. Their diverse software has been adapted for all manufacturing sectors hosting so many functions; you really do get your money’s worth.We host a number of versatile machines and equipment within our factory and MIETrak Pro is able to deal with all aspects of our industry with ease ~ from the initial quote to the shipping of the goods and everything in between. MIETrak Pro has it all covered even their customer support is skilled, knowledgeable and professional; no problem is too small or too big. For us the main reason for choosing MIETrak Pro was the complete manufacturing solution aspect ~ it includes all the modules. Whilst others may seem cheaper, you need to make sure before you decide to buy, that you get to the “nitty gritty” of the costs. With MIE Solutions nothing is hidden, you get everything and so much more!”

    Mr Ryan Woolley, Production Manager

  • AW Clarke Engineering Ltd

    AW Clarke Engineering Ltd

    “MIE Solutions UK Ltd are not only experienced but completely professional. And have exceptional help desk qualities for the essential support that is needed, a lot of other businesses could learn from this! Our Investment in MIETrak Pro has assisted in ensuring our continued success and commitment to our customers”

    Mark Bourke, Managing Director

  • Moduflex


    “MIETrak Pro recognises the necessity for the accreditations within the manufacturing sectors and has developed their manufacturing software accordingly. We have been with MIE Solutions since 2005 and have developed a professional working relationship of complete understanding and knowledge. MIE Solutions UK Ltd are of the same mindset as Moduflex ~ No matter how large or small the project, they will approach it with the same level of dedication and professionalism. They will work with you and they will understand your manufacturing needs thus ensuring that their manufacturing software exceeds your expectations in every way. The only natural flow was to upgrade to MIETrak Pro, this has not only enhanced our already successful company but it has ensured we can remain competitive and still remain efficient and profitable. We pride ourselves as a company who always find a manufacturing solution and will develop our products to suit our customers’ needs. This is exactly what MIE Solutions with MIETrak Pro do constantly. They develop, adapt and achieve technical excellence. The flexibility of MIETrak Pro is second to none.”

    Mr Andrew Peachey, Director

  • CSE Engineering

    CSE Engineering

    “Every manufacturing business should be installed with MIETrak Pro; from quoting to invoicing, the powerful MIETrak Pro production control software integrates and monitors all aspects of the fabrication process. MIETrak Pro provides real time management information so that we can give our clients the information they need when they need it. So, if you want efficiency, visibility, profitability and stability then MIETrak Pro is the best manufacturing software for the industry. These are exciting times for CSE and we look forward to working with existing clients and new in the years ahead, more confidently now that we have MIETrak Pro installed.”

    Mr Steve Evans, Director

  • Wrekin Sheet Metal

    Wrekin Sheet Metal

    “We initially had the original MIETrak product for many years and have recently migrated to MIETrak Pro and have not looked back. MIE Solutions software product has exceeded all expectations. From the quote through to invoicing, this product offers a complete package designed specifically for the Engineering industry a must have for all Manufacturing companies. We have been supported right from the start and the staff at MIE Solutions are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. No problem is too small or too big for them to handle. We can continue to develop and thrive knowing we have a world class software in place, providing us with the confidence to approach new and existing customers with new ideas and cost effective ways to grow our business.”

    Mr Simon Orpe, Sales Director

  • Cove Industries

    Cove Industries

    “Our entire operational system is controlled by our MIETrak software. MIETrak is an easy to use production control and job tracking solution designed to help us with quotations, order entry, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control and shipping. A bar code system is used to capture shop floor data, which enables MIETrak to integrate all aspects of the fabrication business process to provide vital management information when we need it. This of course allows our customers to receive their goods on time every time and to the highest quality.”

    Mr Gordon Day, Chairman

  • Salesmade Fabrications Ltd

    Salesmade Fabrications Ltd

    “From last minute project developments to scheduled changes, sometimes rush jobs just can’t be avoided. When you’re faced with the pressure of a tight turnaround, how can you ensure you’ll receive the right products at the right time? MIE Solutions UK Ltd with MIETrak Pro has ensured that we can continue to bring together our company costs, productivity, efficiency, services and visibility whilst providing high quality service and continued customer satisfaction. MIE are professional, approachable, knowledgeable and passionate not only about their product but our business too. This combination has brought together a relationship that can only move forwards together”

    Carl Brackley, Commercial Manager

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