UK manufacturing records has reported the fastest growth for three years. April data records strong demand at home and abroad that will calm concerns about a Brexit slump in the economy.

Britain’s factories smashed expectations in April, according to Market/CIPS Manufacturing PMI.

Britain’s factories enjoyed their fastest growth for three years last month on the back of strong demand at home and abroad, according to a survey that will temper worries about a Brexit-driven economic slowdown this year.

The manufacturing sector, which makes up about a tenth of the UK economy, enjoyed the strongest pick-up in new work since the start of 2014 and smashed expectations in April. Firms also took on new workers at a faster pace and ramped up production.

Its main barometer of business activity jumped to 57.3 in April from 54.2 in March. That confounded forecasts for a modest slowdown to 54.0 in a poll of economists.

To ensure that you are part of this growth an MRP/ERP & Production Control Software is paramount to ensuring complete visibility throughout your manufacturing plant ensuring ROI month on month.

MIETrak Pro is easy to install, implement, and use and is one of the leading MRP software available in the UK. With a worldwide presence it is the MUST HAVE software to support  your continued success.

*information has come from the guardian, manufacturing

UK Manufacturing Statistics

Manufacturing contributes £6.7tn to the global economy. Contrary to widespread perceptions, UK manufacturing is strong with the UK currently the world’s ninth largest industrial nation. Manufacturing makes up 10% of GVA and 45% of UK exports, and directly employs 2.7 million people.

The rising cost of energy and raw materials, as well as the potential cost arising from the uncertainty of Brexit, are all key concerns.  A large number of manufacturers have reported that they are focusing on “increasing sales” and “decreasing costs” going forward. An undeniably positive note characterises the mood with respects to new technologies, with the continued investment interest in automation, additive manufacturing and factory connectivity showing manufacturers are looking forward with confidence.

MIETrak Pro is an ERP/MRP and Production Control Software that will give you ROI, visibility, and allow you real time reporting; you will know what’s happening on your shop floor instantly and all of it at your fingertips.

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* Information has come from the Hennik Research – Annual Manufacturing Report via The Manufacturer


Since I have begun working here at MIE Solutions UK Ltd, I have had so many fantastic opportunities to learn new skills and gain self confidence within the working environment. This is not normally the case for many apprenticeships today. Many are primarily set mundane and unchallenging tasks, and not given the chance to live up to their full potential by being given the chance to grow. I am glad to say that I have had a very different experience working here at MIE Solutions UK for the past two years.

I feel a sense of pride whenever our software MIETrak Pro is installed into yet another manufacturing company. Knowing that the support I am able to give our customers is rewarding and I feel positive everyday in my job, especially when our customers go out of their way to thank us for all our support and help.

The diversity of MIETrak Pro is largely one of the reasons I personally believe we do so well in the manufacturing sector. No two companies are the same in the way they work or process their requirements, and MIETrak Pro will always get the job done for every single customer.

I also feel proud to be a part of a company which is successfully growing year on year. Their acceptance and encouragement of apprenticeship schemes and young apprentices is refreshing; especially as they are about to take on their 5th apprentice to date.

Engineering Update Aug 2017 Page 17

MIETrak Pro is easy to install, implement, and use and is one of the leading MRP software available in the UK. With a worldwide presence it is the MUST HAVE software to support  your continued success.

*information has come from the Engineering Update

Despite the decline since the 1970s, when manufacturing contributed 25% of UK GDP, the UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world.

Overall, the UK’s industrial sector has increased by 1.4% a year since 1948, according to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS attributes the sustained growth to a better quality; more skilled workforce; a shift in production from low to high productivity goods; improvements in automation and technology; increased investment in R&D, and a more integrated global economy.

Some 71% of manufacturers have said that they had spent more on IT than in the previous year. Looking at the past three years together, unprecedented numbers of manufacturers have spent increased amounts on IT.  Overall, 88% of respondents reported spending more or the same as in the previous year, leaving just one-in-eight reporting that their business actually spent less.

When asked what form, precisely, did this investment take, ERP dominated – as it has in previous years – with 42% identifying it as their top investment priority.

So to stay ahead of the rest and keep up with your competitors,  you need to take a look at MIETrak Pro, designed for the Manufacturing sector; adaptable, easy to use, install and implement.  Can you afford not to invest?

* Information has come from the Hennik Research – Annual Manufacturing Report via The Manufacturer

Effective Inventory Management with ERP software

The first question of effective inventory management is not, “how much inventory should we have?” Nor is it, “when should we make or buy something?” The most important question to ask in today’s manufacturing environment is, “given our system and environment, where should we place inventory to have the best protection?”

Once you have established and replenished your inventory positions, the actual levels of your inventory have to be initially set.  Over the course of time, group and individual traits can and will change as new suppliers and materials are used, new markets are opened and/or old markets deteriorate and manufacturing capacities and methods change.

Inventory controls within an MRP system will allow your company to adapt to group and individual part changes over time through the use of several types of adjustments. So as more or less variability is encountered or as a company’s strategy changes, so will your MRP system.  It will allow you to adapt and change it to fit the environment of the time.

Take a look at MIETrak Pro and see how we can improve your Inventory control and visibility.

What could happen without an ERP & Production Control Software solution?

It is imperative that companies control the types and quantities of material they purchase, plan which products are to be produced and in what quantities to ensure that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost for both you and your customer.

Making a bad decision in any of these areas will make the company lose money. 


  • If a company purchases insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing (or the wrong item) it may be unable to meet contract obligations to supply products on time.
  • If a company purchases excessive quantities of an item, money is wasted – the excess quantity ties up cash while it remains as stock that might never be used at all.
  • Beginning production of an order at the wrong time can cause customer deadlines to be missed.

This is where an ERP tool can deal with these problems. It provides answers to several questions:

  • What items are required?
  • How many are required?
  • When are they required?

ERP can be applied both to items that are purchased from outside suppliers and to sub-assemblies, produced internally, that are components of more complex items.

Can you continue to take the risk of not having an ERP system in place?


Then take a look at MIETrak Pro a complete all round ERP & Production Control Software for all types of manufacturing industries.


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