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MIE Trak Pro streamlines operations across the entire workflow process and provides maximum efficiency with an immediate ROI. The leading ERP software tool in its class, MIE Trak Pro is easy to install, implement, and use.

Reduce Administration">

Reduce Administration

Both wasted time and mistakes ultimately cost businesses money, so reducing or eliminating them is paramount. One of MIE Trak Pro’s main purposes is to streamline an organisation’s processes through both its ERP and production control solutions. This is achieved through the system’s ease of use and lack of double entry – with the latter also going a long way to eliminating costly errors. With our shop floor data capture options designed to accommodate a paperless environment and enhance quality control, everything is recorded digitally meaning that more time can be spent in other areas of the business.

Increase Profitability">

Increase Profitability

Increased competition in manufacturing has resulted in close scrutiny of profitability. The primary objective of most companies is to make money – and to achieve this increasing profit plays a significant role. MIE Trak Pro ensures that all quotes are consistent and that margins are maintained throughout. MIE Trak Pro also provides purchasing power in the form of MRP – the result of which is effective control of all purchasing and expenditure within the organisation.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity">

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

MIE Trak Pro’s production planning modules incorporate reporting, dashboards, graphs, and KPI’s. This ensures that all processes are carried out efficiently and accurately. Our scheduling abilities provide numerous options allowing the user greater visibility. This means they are able to identify any potential issues and respond accordingly, therefore encouraging a proactive approach.

Access Essential Data">

Access Essential Data

MIE Trak Pro provides complete transparency and enables any piece of information to be easily accessible. KPI’s and other reports can be viewed both onsite and remotely, meaning that you can access business critical data regardless of your location.

“We have been with MIE Solutions for a considerable amount of time and we have always classed MIE Trak and the support team behind it to be a contributing factor to our ongoing success and continual improvement policy.”

Mr Terry Belcher


“We have been with MIE Solutions for many years and have always been extremely pleased with the product and support they offer. To progress to the newer version of the software only helps in highlighting our continual investment in industry leading software. We view the MIE team as partners with us and their support during our upgrade led to a very smooth, seamless transition.”

Troy Barratt

Managing Director

“We found MIE Solutions experienced and professional both in their MIE Trak software and support. This ensured a smooth transition to the MIE Trak software and this has been met with huge enthusiasm within Gammax Ltd. MIE Solutions are able to provide everything we need to control all aspects of our business from start to finish and is manufacturing specific in its abilities. MIE Trak software has played an important factor to our ongoing success.”

William Brennan

Managing Director

“After reviewing many software packages available, the decision to replace our current MRP system with MIE Trak was an easy one. Its outstanding capabilities made the implementation process quick and we were fully operational in next to no time. This is an extremely cost effective package and the support and training received have been exceptional. I look forward to the future working with MIE .”

Karen Horne

General Manager

“We have been working with MIE and its manufacturing MRP software – MIE Trak for a few years now and have always found both the software and the team at MIE effective and productive in both their capabilities and the product and service they provide.”

Iain Collis

Managing Director