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Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd

Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd – may not be one of the “big boys”, but with MIE Trak Pro they certainly can compete with them!

Bolton Sheetmetal is a family run business. Martins late Dad, Dave has instilled 40 years experience into Martin and from Martin to his team. The old school ethos that has long been forgotten still remains whole in Bolton Sheet Metal. With the ability to look at a product and instantly design a tool to produce parts that other companies would turn away, they feel is a great advantage they have over other competitors in their field.

Bolton Sheetmetal employs a skilled workforce to accommodate their extensive product portfolio, using state of the art machinery, they are able to work with a variety of metals, and are specialists in bespoke stainless steel and mild steel fabrication.

From ornamental railings to very high volume components; Bolton’s’ team are able to design and manufacture in a variety of materials and offer their services to all types of businesses.

Bolton Sheetmetal and their team is a new customer of MIE Solutions UK. It was obvious from the outset that they could enhance their already reputable manufacturing company by using our MRP Production Control Software – MIE Trak Pro.

Martin Farrow from Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd

“This month we have been going back to the drawing board, with my Dad recently passed away, we needed some changes. I knew we were having some issues internally with our existing MRP System, so I decided this was going to be my first priority. After intensive investigating I realised I needed a company to take us to the next level; and after a lot of research we decided to go with MIE Trak Pro.

MIE Trak Pro offered everything we were looking for in one complete package. We are very much in the early stages of implementation but we can already see the benefits. All our jobs are completely streamlined and we have live data at our fingertips whenever we need it.

Without a doubt MIE Trak Pro will ensure we are able to continue to give and most definitely improve our service to our customers.”

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