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Fascia Graphics

When two market leaders combine their expertise together the natural outcome can only be success!

Fascia Graphics are a UK based manufacturer and the market-leader for industrial graphics. Based in Wiltshire, the company is privately owned and carries out all manufacturing here in the UK. Founded in 1994, a firm commitment to continual improvement and capital investment has ensured that Fascia Graphics are able to offer products of the highest quality at market-competitive prices. Fascias’ portfolio of products include: Membrane Keypads, Membrane Switches, Membrane Keyboards, Graphic Overlays, Screen Printed Labels, Nameplates, Domed Emblems and Liquid Graphics.

Fascia has been able to experience consistent and controlled growth by using the most advanced production processes and equipment. They are able to supply a diverse range of industry sectors, including military, fire & security, medical, aviation, rail, marine, instrumentation and automotive to name but a few. Having ISO9001 and UL PGDQ2 approval, their systems and products carry the guarantee of being manufactured to the highest standards.

Their investment in the latest digital technology enables them to provide fast-turnaround low-volume prototypes, without the need for costly set-up and tooling. At the opposite end of the scale their investment in two fully automatic Sakurai production lines gives them the capability to meet the highest demands, offering any volume from one to one million. Everything they manufacture is custom designed and manufactured to the exact technical and ergonomic requirements for each customer’s specific needs.

From low cost prototypes to full production volumes Fascia Graphics offers a consistently reliable product at competitive prices, with industry leading customer service.

To move with the times you have to embrace the changes that are thrown at the manufacturing sector. It was apparent that as Fascia Graphics expanded they needed to invest in MRP Production Control Software to support their continued growth.

MIETrak 32 was originally purchased by Fascia Graphics Ltd in 2002. Since then Fascia has grown its user base to coincide with their expanding business. Earlier this year Fascia embarked on the migration from MIETrak 32 to MIETrak Pro. They did review other MRP software’s but they were far more expensive and concluded that they already had the best!

MIE Solutions UK Ltd is honoured to be able to migrate our Manufacturing Software in yet another illustrious manufacturing company. This is testament to how successful our product is. Once you’ve seen it you’ll want it – Guaranteed!

Michael Hole, Systems Improvement Manager from Fascia Graphics Ltd

“In our industry we deal with so many different products, different processes, different customers and for us to be able to ensure we keep everything in order from the initial quote, to purchasing, to inventory, to assigning the works order, to production control, to delivery, to invoicing and everything else in between, MIETrak Pro really is the market leading MRP production control software.

As soon as we experienced the demonstration process from Sam Hawkes, we instantly knew this product was for Fascia. The whole process was professional, the demonstration time was completely dedicated to us, every question was answered and every aspect was covered. Sams’ knowledge of the manufacturing sector gave us confidence that MIE Solutions and MIETrak Pro are exactly what we needed!

The implementation of MIETrak Pro has ensured that we remain the market leader in our industry. For us one of the main reasons for choosing MIETrak Pro was for the Quality control areas of the software. This aspect ensures that we remain quality efficient and able to maintain our highest standards – a huge and proud core of what Fascia is about.

MIE Solutions – MIETrak Pro is fully adaptable with our ever changing demands, Their professionalism and knowledge in our industry and their product fill you with reassurance. No problem is too big or too small. And their support team are always available to give advice and assistance should you need it”.

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