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Recol Eng Ltd


It is always heart-warming when you see your product installed, up and running and delivering within a Company. It is even more heart-warming when you see that Company thrive because of your product. You stand back for a moment and you can say “We did that” and in that moment you know all that hard work and dedication is why you do this job!

We at MIE Solutions UK Ltd sell the manufacturers must have complete manufacturing software solution, MIE Trak Pro.

Amongst many of our success stories is one Company Recol Engineering Ltd based in Northampton. They have been a customer of ours for over 6 years and have recently upgraded to our MIE Trak Pro our complete manufacturing software solution.

Recol’s Engineering vision has always been to offer high quality goods with manufacturing flexibility and excellent customer service. To this end, Recol have always placed a strong emphasis on a program of reinvestment – through procurement of the very latest in technology developments within the Industry. This has secured the company’s place within a very competitive market.

Recol use the most useful and appropriate integrated manufacturing technology tools with MRP and CAD within an integrated factory approach with the key operational objective to achieving capacity management that is achievable in terms of both materials available and capacity available. MIE Trak Pro enables them to do this efficiently, professionally and flawlessly. This will then in turn ensure that Recol can offer complete customer satisfaction by not only clearly saying what they can do – but by doing what they say!

Noel Lovatt, Commercial Director at Recol Engineering says:

“MIE Trak Pro was our preferred option as it provides a complete software solution specifically developed for the engineering / manufacturing industry. The latest version will integrate and streamline Recol’s operation across all the sales, manufacturing, engineering and accounting functions to provide maximum efficiency.

The introduction of Real Time Tracking complemented by improvements to our Cost Control, MRP, Scheduling, Reporting, Quoting, Job Costing, Inventory Control modules will provide the solid foundations to support our business expansion.

“The excellent service and support provided by Sam, Chris and the rest of the team at MIE Solutions has been instrumental to the success of this project.”

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We at MIE Solutions are passionate about our product and passionate about what this product is capable of achieving and our mission is that we want to install MIE Trak Pro into as many Manufacturing Industries as we can.

We know we can make a difference!

MIE Solutions would like to congratulate Recol Engineering Ltd on their success and thank you for choosing MIE Trak Pro.