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Alphateq Limited

After an extensive selection process by Alphateq, MIE Solutions are delighted to announce another successful implementation at Alphateq Limited in Rugby.

MIE Solutions UK Ltd are proud to be part of Alphateq’s future, supplying them with software that will contribute to their continued growth, efficiency and business control and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Alphateq Ltd was formed in 2002 by owner and Managing Director Brian Garforth following many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Tooling for the Foundry, Specialist Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Alphateq currently employs 48 staff and apprentices, working in sixteen thousand square ft. of factory and office space.

“As a rapid prototyping and tooling company, we don’t often have time to pause and stop. Implementing ERP was never going to be easy but was necessary for the long-term goals of our business. The MIETrak team have and continued to provide an unparalleled level of service and professionalism. From initial contact and demonstration with personalised presentation and delivery they both shine as a company, and as individuals. They live up to their promises and deliver, which all too often is becoming a rare and exceptional trait. The breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm to help you make the very best of your implementation from the internal support team coupled with their positive can-do attitude makes what can be a very painful, confusing, complex and significant business challenge become relatively seamless. The product itself is intuitive, robust and feature rich. With all modules included from the outset, it allows any business to control costs, and stagger implementation on a timeline to suit. The product will definitely help provide valuable business intelligence, required as we continue to grow, expand and diversify from our traditional markets as well as manage the ever-changing regulatory and quality standards demanded by our customers.”

 Nathan Siddle – Alphateq Limited Senior Programme/Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager


MIETrak Pro, is made by manufacturing professionals for manufacturing professionals. Specialising in all aspects of the manufacturing industry, MIETrak offers an affordable, no hidden cost solution that will support your business.

Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd – may not be one of the “big boys”, but with MIETrak Pro they certainly can compete with them!

Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd – may not be one of the “big boys”, but with MIETrak Pro they certainly can compete with them!

Bolton Sheetmetal is a family run business. Martins late Dad, Dave has instilled 40 years experience into Martin and from Martin to his team. The old school ethos that has long been forgotten still remains whole in Bolton Sheet Metal. With the ability to look at a product and instantly design a tool to produce parts that other companies would turn away, they feel is a great advantage they have over other competitors in their field.

bolton-sheet-metal-websiteBolton Sheetmetal employs a skilled workforce to accommodate their extensive product portfolio, using state of the art machinery, they are able to work with a variety of metals, and are specialists in bespoke stainless steel and mild steel fabrication.

From ornamental railings to very high volume components; Bolton’s’ team are able to design and manufacture in a variety of materials and offer their services to all types of businesses.

Bolton Sheetmetal and their team is a new customer of MIE Solutions UK. It was obvious from the outset that they could enhance their already reputable manufacturing company by using our MRP Production Control Software – MIETrak Pro.

Martin Farrow from Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd

“This month we have been going back to the drawing board, with my Dad recently passed away, we needed some changes. I knew we were having some issues internally with our existing MRP System, so I decided this was going to be my first priority. After intensive investigating I realised I needed a company to take us to the next level; and after a lot of research we decided to go with MIETrak Pro.

MIETrak Pro offered everything we were looking for in one complete package. We are very much in the early stages of implementation but we can already see the benefits. All our jobs are completely streamlined and we have live data at our fingertips whenever we need it.

Without a doubt MIETrak Pro will ensure we are able to continue to give and most definitely improve our service to our customers.”

To find out more about Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd please visit:

For a FREE NO Obligation demonstration please visit:

Growth in manufacturing can only be achieved through continual investment.

Lincoln Precision Engineering Ltd (based surprisingly in Lincoln!) are specialists in sheet metal and precision engineering. They are a family run business established since 1988 with an enviable reputation within the industry.

As a customer you are guaranteed excellent service and quality workmanship of the highest standard with a firm focus on customer service. They offer very competitive prices and quick lead times which has resulted in a prominent position within the market. They provide services to a wide range of industries including construction, rail, motorsport and agriculture and their rapid growth and continued investment ensures they stay at the forefront of manufacturing.

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Together MIETrak Pro and Formrite are well placed to handle the most demanding of projects.

Together MIETrak Pro and Formrite are well placed to handle the most demanding of projects.

Founded in 1985, Formrite is based in Gloucester and are a renowned supplier of the highest quality sheet metal fabrication in the country.

This long established company specialise in prototype, small and large batch precision sheet metal fabrications that cover a diverse range of products, from safe electronic enclosures to aerospace components.

Working closely with their clients to develop their ideas, Formrite provides a complete sheet metal work solution with a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, handling everything from enquiry through to completion all under one roof, taking all the stress out of procurement for their customers.

They offer an enviable selection of finishing options, such as in-house screen printing, wet paint or powder coating, Alcorom1200/Chromate Conversion and Surtec 650, any of which can also be supplied as a ‘stand alone’ service to other manufacturers.

The skills which have ensured the companies unrivalled success is based in their precision. They are able to interpret engineering drawings and designs and with their wide range of tooling and in-house facilities, they are able to provide a competitive and realistic answer to any manufacturing problems.

With their large spacious premises occupying over 12,000 feet of modern offices and workshops, they are well placed to handle even the most demanding of projects.

MIETrak Pro, whilst diverse in many manufacturing sectors, feels right at home in the sheet metal environment – its original birthplace!  Formrite have been a customer since 2015 and have been using MIETrak Pro ever since, ensuring that their contained growth, efficiency, quality control and customer satisfaction is maintained to the highest level.

Gary Fairs, Director from Formrite:

MIETrak Pro is a complete solution.  This MRP software is able to track and document raw materials to finished goods, it is also able to provide information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current situations on the shop floor can be optimised to ensure improved production output.

MIETrak Pro works in a real-time capacity, enabling us to control multiple elements of the production processes, from scheduling to personnel, to machine placement, to downtime, to delivery.

MIETrak Pro really is the manufacturing MRP software that all manufacturing industries should install. It is value for money, their support network is world class and their knowledge of the manufacturing sectors is refreshing.  MIE Solutions honest, professional approach is encouraging and reassuring – their product really is an outstanding complete MRP manufacturing solution

To find out more about Formrite and the products they can offer, please visit:

Teperay Precision Sheet Metal of Ilford continues to grow with the ongoing support of MIETrak MRP & Production control Software

Teperay Precision Sheet Metal of Ilford continues to grow with the ongoing support of MIETrak MRP – Production control Software

Teparay Precision Sheet Metal Ltd (TPSM) is a family owned and run enterprise, founded in 1986.

The company has grown significantly over the years through their dedication to providing a high level of quality and service to its customers, this has been achievable to them through ongoing investment in both equipment and people, as well as the complete utilisation of the specialist sheet metal production control software – MIETrak.

Mr Terry Belcher, Director says,

“We have been with MIE Solutions for a considerable amount of time and we have always classed MIETrak and the support team behind it to be a contributing factor to our ongoing success and continual improvement policy.”

For more information on TPSM please visit:

MIETrak MRP Software helps Metal Assemblies Ltd strengthens their already prominent position in the Automotive Manufacturing sector.

MIETrak MRP Software helps Metal Assemblies Ltd strengthens their already prominent position in the Automotive Manufacturing sector.

MIETrak MRP software from MIE Solutions has been firmly established with Metal Assemblies Ltd for a number of years, helping them to develop their manufacturing processes and highlight their commitment to quality and performance.

Metal Assemblies Ltd is a progressive forward thinking producer of presswork and welded assemblies. They have an impressive range of plant equipment and have a continual investment policy as well as many highly skilled; knowledgeable people. This combination has enabled the company to develop into one of the most dynamic of its kind in the U.K, something which is highlighted by their ISO / TS16949 and ISO 14001 accreditations.
MIE is proud to be associated with MAL and looks forward to continuing to grow with them well into the future.

Iain Collis – Managing Director says,

“We have been working with MIE and its manufacturing MRP software MIETrak for a few years now and have always found both the software and the team at MIE effective and productive in both their capabilities and the product and service they provide.”

For more information on Metal Assemblies Ltd and the services they provide please visit:

MIETrak Pro shows its versatility with another successful implementation

MIETrak Pro shows its versatility with another successful implementation

MIE Solutions are honoured to be chosen to implement MIETrak Software into Gammax Ltd. Our Software will enable Gammax Ltd to continue to succeed in their NDT Processes and highlight their commitment to quality and performance.

Gammax Ltd are the leaders in their field for non destructive testing (NDT). Radio graphing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Penetrant and PMI, along with welder qualifications/procedures. Examinations are carried out by their experienced and qualified professionals who are approved to BS EN and American standards. Their qualified personnel all hold PCN and SNT qualifications accredited within a broad range of non destructive testing disciplines.

As a result of this Gammax Ltd are currently undertaking two very exciting projects: One being the radio graphing of 6-off satellites currently being tested for a Company based in Surrey in their clean room. They will be launched by NASA in the coming months.

Also Gammax Ltd are radio graphing the fuel tank for the Bloodhound project (The new Hybrid Rocket), it is attempting to break the 1000MPH Barrier in South Africa.

MIE Solutions are proud to support Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd and wish them all the very best with these and future projects.

William Brennan, Managing Director says,

” We found MIE Solutions experienced and professional both in their MIETrak software and support. This ensured a smooth transition to the MIETrak software and this has been met with huge enthusiasm within Gammax Ltd. MIE Solutions are able to provide everything we need to control all aspects of our business from start to finish and is manufacturing specific in its abilities. MIETrak software has played an important factor to our ongoing success.

For more information on Gammax Independent Inspection Services Ltd and the services they provide please visit:

After reviewing several ERP / MRP systems Kiyokuni Europe Limited decided to purchase MIETrak Pro.

After reviewing several ERP / MRP systems Kiyokuni Europe Limited decided to purchase MIETrak Pro.

Simon Pease

IT / Purchasing / Planning Manager

Kiyokuni Europe Limited

The main reason for this choice was, as an accredited TS16949 Tier 2 Automotive supplier, we had to make sure that any new system provided the traceability and control that this standard requires and MIETrak Pro offers both.

MIETrak Pro has given us the ability to take several standalone systems and incorporate them into one making it much easier to share information between employees at all levels. This has enabled us to move to totally live production bookings on the Shop Floor (via Kiosk) and live stock movements (via Barcode Scanner Server). This has improved stock accuracy as problems can be resolved at source and this leads to enhance MRP’s effectiveness.

MRP is the main driver for our business and MIE Solutions were open to develop their MRP system to one that I firmly believe is now World Class, not only proposing POs / WOs to meet demand but also suggesting move proposals for existing orders as customer demand changes, either short term or long term.

The system is very cost effective, especially when compared to other like for like systems on the market today, but this in no way compromises what MIETrak Pro delivers. The reporting systems are excellent via Quick View Reports and if we’ve been unsure how to create a report MIE Solutions have been more than happy to assist us.

Support / training is of a very high standard, quick response, excellent problem solving and very professional. MIETrak Pro has evolved in the time that we’ve been using the system with enhancements, some that we use, some that we don’t, but it’s predominantly our choice and timescale which is very comforting

Whilst Kiyokuni Europe Limited are not a sheet metal manufacturer, MIETrak Pro has seamlessly replaced our old ERP system within our manufacturing environment where we use multi level BOMs and Cellular production units. I am more than happy to discuss Kiyokuni’s experiences with MIETrak Pro from the selection process to going live – My contact details are available from MIE Solutions UK Ltd.

For more information on Kiyokuni Europe Ltd and the services they can provide please visit:

Drury Precision Engineering Ltd, who are diverse in many Industry Sectors, continues to develop with MIETrak from MIE Solutions UK Ltd.

Drury Precision Engineering Ltd, who are diverse in many Industry Sectors, continues to develop with MIETrak from MIE Solutions UK Ltd.

Due to Drury Precision Engineering Ltd diverse company structure, MIE Solutions UK Ltd the supplier of MIETrak are able to support Drury Precision Engineering in their expanding company, ensuring their continued growth and development in all aspects of their Company.

Drury Precision Engineering Ltd are a technologically advanced  engineering company, specialising in the manufacture of  sheet-metal and  CNC machined  products.   From the very outset, they seek to work closely with their customers to achieve the best results.   They take the time to understand each project so that they can use their experience to make improvements.   Using  3D solid modelling, they can develop models for their customers or work from their customers own models when no input is required.   Where appropriate, prototypes can be produced quickly using their Rapid Prototype machine.   Their wide range of in-house processes provides a complete manufacturing solution for most projects.

Drury Precision Engineering Ltd developed a strong association with the electronics industry. The need to produce in quantity with quality and accuracy provided the stimulus for growth and development of every aspect of the business. This was initially achieved through improved machinery but quickly followed by management and quality systems, as well as the industry leading software – MIETrak.

Since then, whilst they retained their association with the electronics industry, they have diversified into other industry sectors, including building, leisure and engineering products. They are proud of the versatility of their workforce, who willingly adopts new technology and methods. Their commitment to quality is part of the culture and it is clear they take pride in their work.

Dan Rack, Director says,

“It was obvious from the outset that MIE Solutions UK Ltd and MIETrak are meant for us.   The full range of modules it included and the no hidden costs are extremely compatible to what was needed within our diverse Company.   The software from start to finish has been received with the ongoing support within our Company from both our internal team and the competent MIETrak support staff, and can only continue to develop with us in the future.”

For more information on Drury Precision Engineering Ltd and the services they can provide please visit:

From Prototype to Production….. Pro-Tech Precision Ltd continues to thrive with MIETrak.

From Prototype to Production….. Pro-Tech Precision Ltd continues to thrive with MIETrak.

MIE Solutions UK Ltd were able to offer Pro-Tech Precision Ltd the support to help develop the already extremely successful Company further enabling them to enhance their exceptional service to both established and future Customers.

MIETrak has continually contributed over the years in ensuring that Pro-Tech Precision Ltd can continue to offer their Customers a fast turnaround, with attention to detail, as well as providing the finest finishes to all their products. This has then enabled them to maintain their 9001:2008 accreditation.

Pro-Tech Precision was established almost 30 years ago to meet the need for high quality bespoke manufacturing. Since then, they have built a reputation of being trustworthy, honest and reliable and for always providing exceptional service.

They can offer a diverse range of products using state of the art equipment, including rapid laser cutting services, delivering with care and attention to detail. Pro-Tech Precision Ltd can bring your sheet metal product ideas to life and will support you from Prototype to Production.

Specialising in precision stainless steel, aluminium and steel fabrications from basic brackets through to complex metal enclosures, cabinets and case work, their expertise and experience eliminates problems and assists in producing a quality finished product. Their expertise consists not only of sheet metal work, but a variety of machine shop and craftsman skills which enables them to produce a wide range of components for the electronics and other industries.

Kevin Wise, Technical Director says,

“We have been using MIETrak since 1997 and have found it really beneficial in helping our Company secure new Customers, and maintain our existing ones. MIETrak is also a tool for controlling our Aerospace contracts. It is and has become an integral part of our ongoing success” 

For more information on Pro-Tech Precision Ltd and the services they can supply, please visit:

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