Why is MIE Solutions one of the leading ERP systems

Why is MIE Solutions one of the leading ERP systems

Tom Trow-Poole discusses with Mark what MIE Trak Pro ERP software is and how it benefits manufacturing companies Worldwide. With over 1,400 users in the UK alone using their software Tom took MTDCNC to one of their flagship companies to demonstration the power of MIE Trak Pro at one of the leading sheet metals manufacturers in the UK Recol Engineering. The main message here is if you either do not have an ERP solution or struggling with an inadequate system in your manufacturing facility then speak with MIE Solutions today for a free demonstration.



Direct Engineering

“We have been with MIE Solutions UK and using MIETrak since 2011. Recently we have migrated across to MIETrak Pro and only wish we had done it sooner. Their diverse software has been adapted for all manufacturing sectors hosting so many functions; you really do get your money’s worth.

We host a number of versatile machines and equipment within our factory and MIETrak Pro is able to deal with all aspects of our industry with ease – from the initial quote to the shipping of the goods and everything in between. MIETrak Pro has it all covered even their customer support is skilled, knowledgeable and professional; no problem is too small or too big. For us the main reason for choosing MIETrak Pro was the complete manufacturing solution aspect – it includes all the modules. Whilst others may seem cheaper, you need to make sure before you decide to buy, that you get to the “nitty gritty” of the costs. With MIE Solutions nothing is hidden, you get everything and so much more!”

Mr Ryan Woolley, Production Manager

“MIETrak Pro recognises the necessity for the accreditations within the manufacturing sectors and has developed their manufacturing software accordingly. We have been with MIE Solutions since 2005 and have developed a professional working relationship of complete understanding and knowledge. MIE Solutions UK Ltd are of the same mindset as Moduflex – No matter how large or small the project, they will approach it with the same level of dedication and professionalism. They will work with you and they will understand your manufacturing needs thus ensuring that their manufacturing software exceeds your expectations in every way. The only natural flow was to upgrade to MIETrak Pro, this has not only enhanced our already successful company but it has ensured we can remain competitive and still remain efficient and profitable. We pride ourselves as a company who always find a manufacturing solution and will develop our products to suit our customers’ needs. This is exactly what MIE Solutions with MIETrak Pro do constantly. They develop, adapt and achieve technical excellence. The flexibility of MIETrak Pro is second to none.”

Mr Andrew Peachey, Director

“Every manufacturing business should be installed with MIETrak Pro; from quoting to invoicing, the powerful MIETrak Pro production control software integrates and monitors all aspects of the fabrication process. MIETrak Pro provides real time management information so that we can give our clients the information they need when they need it. So, if you want efficiency, visibility, profitability and stability then MIETrak Pro is the best manufacturing software for the industry. These are exciting times for CSE and we look forward to working with existing clients and new in the years ahead, more confidently now that we have MIETrak Pro installed.”

CSE Engineering Ltd
Mr Steve Evans, Director

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