Paul Merricks

Mat Fearon

Part of the team at MIE Solutions since 2012, Mat plays a key role alongside Sam in training new and existing clients in the use of our software. He is also responsible for the smooth running of the support desk along with Ant and Tom.

Mat enjoys watching and playing football. He has recently purchased his first home and is enjoying discovering the best place to purchase his detergents and cleaning products!

What I enjoy most about my job is the variation in my role as well as the great – and relaxed – team atmosphere”.

Nicky Stokes

Thomas “TK” King

Tom is the fourth apprentice to join our team – and our third Tom … so to avoid confusion, we have nicknamed him “TK”.

TK continues to show great promise here at MIE – learning more about MIETrak Pro and mentoring new apprentices.

A big fan of gaming, away from work TK spends several hours a day at his PC playing a variety of different games. He also enjoys writing programs and is currently working on a number of personal projects.

I am grateful for the amazing opportunity given to me here at MIE Solutions. I always thought my first job would be daunting and intimidating – but everyone at MIE has given a warm and welcoming acceptance which helped me feel at home with colleagues becoming friends.  I have also developed relationships with our customers … something I hope to continue as my career develops.

Skyla Mann

Now she is all grown up Skyla is the size of a small horse and has a bark to match the roar of any lion! She provides a lovely distraction when she visits the office and has successfully got us all wrapped around her paws … especially when “Tug of War” is required. Needless to say, she always wins!

Josh Lawrence

Now a full-time technical assistant after starting as our second apprentice, Josh has progressed to being a fully fledged member of our technical support team.

His vast experience of MIETrak Pro and the effectiveness of our apprenticeship programme is reflected in Josh; now acting as a mentor to our newer apprentices who are following in his footsteps.

Josh is a supporter of Aston Villa and enjoys playing football and socialising.

I am grateful for the position MIE has given to me, opening up my experiences in this field and learning about a world class product such as MIETrak whilst studying is a great opportunity.”

Tom Griffin

Our first apprentice, Tom is an example of how effective apprenticeship schemes can be.

He’s been with us for many years and has developed into a senior member of our technical support team where he also acts as a mentor to our other apprentices employed here. Tom’s knowledge of MIETrak Pro is extensive and he’s able to assist with any software and technical support issues that arise.

Tom enjoys watching football and supports Aston Villa.

Tom Trow-Poole

As well as working with Sam in all aspects of sales, Tom is responsible for identifying new leads and carrying out demonstrations to prospective clients.

Tom has extensive experience in the sales, production and installation in the window, door and glass industry in both the UK and Australia.

His knowledge within the manufacturing sector enables him to sell our product from a production perspective rather than that of an IT technician.

TTP (as he has been nicknamed) enjoys movies, music, sports, gym and travelling.

At MIE I use my experience to ensure we continue to be known for our service and for what MIETrak Pro can offer the manufacturing industry.

Chris Mann

Starting as a support engineer in 1998 when the company was known as Metalsoft UK Ltd, Chris became Technical Director when MIE took over Metalsoft in 2007.

Chris is responsible for managing the support of our software and assisting customers in the implementation and use of MIETrak Pro. He also plays a huge part in developing the software with our MIE team ‘across the pond’, and ensures it remains up to date for our existing clients and future customers.

I get huge satisfaction from seeing customers getting the most from MIETrak and seeing their companies prosper with the help of our product and what it can help them achieve“.

Chris enjoys walking his dog Skyla. He has a keen eye for new cars and the latest technology.

Sam Hawkes

A key part of MIE Solutions UK, Sam is our Sales Director and has been working with MIETrak pro for more years than she would like to confess to. Sam is very much at the forefront of the team here in the UK. Dependable and committed to the company, she candid in her approach – and is definitely a boss we can all look up. She is responsible for all aspects of sales, training and the implementation of MIETrak Pro … and is very customer focused.

I am passionate about our product and feel a real sense of achievement when MIETrak is installed in yet another new company.

When not working Sam can be found riding her horses or spending time with her two gorgeous daughters.

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