Belinda Fournier

New to the MIE Team – Belinda joined our team in May 2018 from a predominantly legal secretary/admin background to be our Office Administrator. She is now our first voice a customer hears when they call in for support. Having never worked in IT before – although she has used her fair share of different systems in her years as a secretary/admin assistant – she admits she found the terminology daunting but is now definitely getting to grips with the spiel and MIETrak itself!

Belinda is a mom of two grown up daughters and is expecting her first grandchild towards the end of this year. She loves nothing more than spending an hour or more on the crosstrainer at her local gym and having two books on the go at any one time (one on her kindle when she is out and about and an actual book for her night time reading).

Ryan Jennings

Ryan joined the team at the start of 2018 as part of the TDM Apprenticeship Programme, and is really settling into the life of a technical support guru! In the time Ryan’s been part of MIE Solutions UK, he has developed his knowledge of MIETrak Pro extensively alongside his I.T. skills and become a great (if not a little shameless) addition to our support team. Ryan Likes playing World of Warcraft, eating food and listening to music.

Paul Merricks

Mat Fearon

Mat has been with the MIE Solutions for 6 years now. He plays a key role alongside Sam in training new and existing clients with our software. Mat also runs the support desk and works with Ant and Tom.

Mat enjoys watching and playing football. He has recently purchased his first home and is enjoying discovering the best place to purchase his detergents and cleaning products!

“The most I enjoy about my job is the variation in my role as well as the relaxed and good team atmosphere”.

Reece King

Reece started with MIE Solutions UK in May 2017, prior to this he had worked in electronic engineering for over 2 years. Reece is a hardware enthusiast who can fix just about anything and enjoys helping people learn and understand software and hardware. Reece is a great asset to the office and has picked up MIETrak Pro like a duck to water.

In his spare time, Reece enjoys lifting weights, playing games and spending time with his family.

“Although only being at MIE for a short time I have learnt so much about Manufacturing enabling me to further my knowledge and build on my skills to help provide the world class support the MIE customers are used to!”

Nicky Stokes

Thomas “TK” King

Tom is our fourth apprentice to join the team. Yes, another Tom! So, we have nicknamed him “TK”. TK has shown great promise here at MIE Solutions, whilst mentoring new apprentices and learning more about MIETrak Pro.
TK is a big fan of gaming, he will spend a few hours a day at his PC playing many different games, he also enjoys writing programs and is currently working on many personal projects.

“I am glad for the amazing position given to me here at MIE Solutions. I always thought my first job would be daunting and intimidating, but I have been given a warm and welcoming acceptance which makes me feel at home here. I have made some great friendships with colleagues & have good relationships with our amazing customers and hope I will continue to make more.”

Skyla Mann

Skyla is all grown up-she is the size of a small horse and has a bark to match any lions roar! Skyla provides a lovely distraction when she visits and has successfully got us all wrapped around her paws especially when “Tug of War” is required, needless to say she always wins!

Josh Lawrence

Josh started here as our second apprentice and is now a full time technical assistant. Josh has been with us now for over two years and is a fully fledged member of our technical support team. Through Josh’s knowledge of MIETrak Pro and the success of our apprenticeship program, he has been able to mentor our other apprentices enabling them to learn all aspects of MIETrak Pro.

Josh is a supporter of Aston Villa and enjoys playing football and socialising.

“I am grateful for the position MIE has given to me, opening up my experiences in this field and learning about a world class product such as MIETrak whilst studying, is a great opportunity.”

Jasmine Sanderson

Jas started with us in 2015 as our third apprentice. In 2016 Jas completed her Advanced IT Apprenticeship Level 3 and was then employed permanently to advise and assist our increasing customer base. Jas has developed her knowledge of MIETrak Pro within this time and alongside her additional IT Skills has become a positive addition to our technical support team. Jas brings a feminine touch to a very male dominated department.

Interests include all things video gaming related (namely The Legend Of Zelda), decorating her house with far too many pillows and showing up the guys at her local gym!

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