MIETrak Pro Updates

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  • MIE Trak RFQs are now associated with Suppliers – pg.8

Let’s say you are a sheet metal manufacturer but you outsource machining. You can actually set the MIE Trak RFQ to your suppliers and track their pricing.

  • Conditional Formatting and Saving User Grid Setting to Database – pg.10

“Conditional Formatting allows you to highlight your data. For example, You can highlight all late jobs in red to segment your database to show you which jobs are late and set up your grids.”

  • Project Maintenence Now Shows All PO’s, SO Lines and Quotes on Different Tabs-pg. 17

“You can now do pick lists, RFQ’s PO’s Sales Orders and tie everything together by associating all the items to a single project and see everything. Great for putting together reports.”

  • Work Order Scrap Auto-Calculation- pg.33

“Now, instead of manually calculating the cost of your scrap, MIE Trak Pro will automatically calculate the scrap costs and collect that data for future reports.”

  • Work Order and Inventory-pg. 35-56

“Instead of manually typing in the quantity you are pulling off your inventory shelf, You can click a button to ‘Pull All’, ‘Pull Units’ and ‘Put Back’ your inventory automatically.”

  • Graphical Nesting Feature-pg. 37

“Now, you can graphically see your Nest in MIE Trak Pro and the Work Orders associated with the Nest at the click of a button. Great for visually seeing a cut list for bar stock, tubes, or even plates. For example, you have a nest for 15 Work Orders using the same sheet of metal. In the graphical view you can see exactly what that nest looks like, how many sheets were used, how many layouts were created, the count of placed parts, and which Work Orders are associated with that nest.”  

  • Serial Number Tracking and Work Order Completions-pg.42

“Working in Medical or Aerospace Manufacturing? This feature is for you. Every Work Order completion will be put into inventory with a specific lot number. If you have 5000 parts to complete, each one will have a different serial number. This is the best way to internally track and see the traceability for every EVERY.SINGLE.PART. 5000 parts, 5000 serial numbers.”



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