MIETrak Pro

MIETrak Pro streamlines your operations across the entire workflow process and provides maximum efficiency along with an immediate ROI. The leading MRP production control software tool in its class, MIETrak Pro is easy to install, use and implement, and includes advanced features such as Cost Control, MRP, Scheduling, Reporting, Quoting, Inventory Control, Real Time Tracking and so much more.

  • Quotation / Estimating

    Quotation / Estimating

    This functionality gives the organisation the ability to have anyone that can read a drawing create a Quote by using custom formulas and tables specific to the organisation for calculating the different operations used to make the part.
  • Sales Order Processing

    Sales Order Processing

    The Sales Order module has the ability to enter multiple line items and multiple releases for each line item. Returns can also be handled if required from the sales order within the extensive Quality Control feature.
  • Works Order / Router Design

    Works Order / Router Design

    This area gives the user the ability to group multiple Sales Orders for one part on a single work order and monitor costs, track the progress of the parts through the facility, schedule loading on the equipment and complete parts to inventory. Large multi level assemblies are also controlled with ease.
  • MRP System

    MRP System

    MIETrak Pro has a very powerful MRP system which outputs a variety of information which provides the company with the ability to see accurate and productive information in all areas of the organisation. This enables planning , scheduling and purchasing departments to make informed and efficient decisions based on current and projected capabilities.
  • Purchasing


    The user has the ability to send RFQs to multiple Suppliers in relation to the Purchase Order before they’re issued. Full MRP capabilities & KPI’s are readily available.
  • Scheduling


    MIETrak’s Scheduling capabilities gives the user the ability to schedule individual & multiple machines in work centres and assign specific employees to perform the work if required. It also provides capacity information, planning and on time analysis whilst giving visual information on current production workflows.
  • Shop Floor Data Capture

    Shop Floor Data Capture

    M​IE​ Kiosk or the Bar-coding ​option gives the user the ability to record Time Clock entries, and log in and out of work order sequences for data collection, profitability and tracking purposes.​ This also enables the user to see efficiency and productivity in real time at any stage of manufacture.
  • Stock Control

    Stock Control

    The user has the ability to maintain inventories in unlimited locations differentiating certified material if required. Inventory can be reserved and transferred between locations, full inventory analysis & MRP ensures total accuracy.
  • Time Clock / HR

    Time Clock / HR

    The user has the ability to set up shifts for calculating payroll hours, accrual rates for vacation and sick time. Define how the hours will be calculated towards overtime, and process the information for payroll. This also enables additional productivity and efficiency analysis.
  • Costing / Reporting

    Costing / Reporting

    MIETrak has the ability to do Real Time Job Costing and Profitability Reports to give the user an up to date status of Works Orders both past and present. 100’s of reports are included as standard and any information in any format can be produced.
  • Shipping / Invoicing

    Shipping / Invoicing

    The Shipping/ Invoice module gives the user the ability to create Delivery Notes and Invoices which can be exported to a 3rd party accounts package if required.
  • Quality Control / ECR

    Quality Control / ECR

    MIETrak Pro’s quality and ECR module offers the user the ability to control both internal and external rejections and quality control processes. It is compliant with numerous accreditations and enables complete traceability across all departments. With the ability to incorporate any SPC / FAIR requirements, generate all the required KPI’s and give the user in depth analysis of all corrective, preventative and containment actions, this area ensures total control of all quality aspects.
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