Since I have begun working here at MIE Solutions UK Ltd, I have had so many fantastic opportunities to learn new skills and gain self confidence within the working environment. This is not normally the case for many apprenticeships today. Many are primarily set mundane and unchallenging tasks, and not given the chance to live up to their full potential by being given the chance to grow. I am glad to say that I have had a very different experience working here at MIE Solutions UK for the past two years.

I feel a sense of pride whenever our software MIETrak Pro is installed into yet another manufacturing company. Knowing that the support I am able to give our customers is rewarding and I feel positive everyday in my job, especially when our customers go out of their way to thank us for all our support and help.

The diversity of MIETrak Pro is largely one of the reasons I personally believe we do so well in the manufacturing sector. No two companies are the same in the way they work or process their requirements, and MIETrak Pro will always get the job done for every single customer.

I also feel proud to be a part of a company which is successfully growing year on year. Their acceptance and encouragement of apprenticeship schemes and young apprentices is refreshing; especially as they are about to take on their 5th apprentice to date.

Engineering Update Aug 2017 Page 17

MIETrak Pro is easy to install, implement, and use and is one of the leading MRP software available in the UK. With a worldwide presence it is the MUST HAVE software to support  your continued success.

*information has come from the Engineering Update