With UK manufacturing having strengthened its output in September, things are looking much brighter for the industry. Output improved by 0.8% according to official figures; that’s the biggest monthly increase since April 2014. The trade deficit has also narrowed more than expected, having been helped by an increase in exports.

If you work in manufacturing and are looking for ways to improve your output, consider capacity planning software. It’s quickly becoming a key factor for successful manufacturing businesses in the modern world.

Capacity planning involves the determining of production capacity. In manufacturing it’s extremely vital in meeting the changing demand for products.

MIE-Solutions are rapidly becoming one of the leading providers of software for the manufacturing industry. Our software MIE-Trak Pro will improve your capacity planning using a variety of features, including quoting/estimating, sales order processing, router design, works order, purchasing, stock control, scheduling and much more.

Easy in install and even easier to use, MIE-Trak Pro will improve your efficiency levels across the entire workflow.

Find out how MIE-Trak Pro can streamline your business.

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