Looking to improve your manufacturing processes, in 2016?

Many experts think that UK manufacturing has a bright future, but needs to plan ahead with greater diligence, according to a survey by Fanuc UK. Which is precisely what ERP software aims to do.

One of the top barriers to UK manufacturers is staying ahead of competition. The best way to do this is through technological innovation, with 39% believing IT is the most important division.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a type of business management software that can be used to collect, store and manage data from any business activity, including product planning/cost, manufacturing/service delivery, marketing and sales, and inventory management.

Nowadays it is considered an invaluable tool for manufacturers, because it integrates various different organisational systems. It’s now the best way to carry out error-free transactions and production. ERP systems typically include integrated systems which operate in real-time, a common database to support all functions, and the installation of a system with elaborate data integration.

Here at MIE-Solutions, we offer some of the most advanced ERP manufacturing software on the market.

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