One recent poll, by the EEF, suggested that productivity is still the most pressing issue faced by UK manufacturers. The poll also found that 64% of participants thought productivity has improved in the past two years, but mentioned many concerns that still existed. In particular, the main gains are in supply chain improvements and investing in machinery.

ERP Manufacturing Software is an excellent way to hone your productivity and improve efficiency. A quarter of those surveyed by Hennik Research’s Annual Manufacturing Report said that investing in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was their main focus regarding IT in 2016.

For one of the leading software providers, consider MIE-Solutions.

Our ERP software- MIE Trak Pro- is rapidly becoming indispensable to a wide range of companies, including sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers. MIE Trak Pro streamlines your operations across the entire workflow process and provides maximum efficiency along with immediate ROI. It is easy to install, use and implement and covers a wide range of functions.

Based in Worcestershire, our services also include training, full product support and on-site implementation.

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