Want to improve your manufacturing processes in 2016?

With the UK manufacturing sector in recession, thanks to weak global demand and a strong exchange rate, which has been hitting industrial production, many firms are looking to improve their production rates in 2016. This means Britain needs an acceleration in the services sectors, to prevent further decline. Last year, almost every part of the sector suffered from a decline in production.

One of the best ways to improve production is the use of advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. This type of software can aid in integrating various functions or departments within a company. In this way, it’s been likened to the brain of an organisation’ by Talk Business Magazine. It’s ideal for improving scalability, reporting, customer relations, collocation and saving money.

We offer a complete manufacturing software package, which covers RFQ/estimating, sales order processing, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, invoicing, shipping, stock control, preventative maintenance, works orders, and more. This ERP/MRP software (MIE-Trak Pro) will revolutionise your business practices in 2016, and beyond.

Our software is already used by a number of sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

For more about MIE-Trak Pro click here.

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