How do you determine which ERP manufacturing software provider to choose? – 2nd August 2017

Research, research, and more research.  This can be the most enjoyable step.  You need to search the net, read blogs, check out social media, referrals and download white papers.  The more effort you put in now will reward you later. The more knowledge you gain and the wiser you become, the easier it will be to make your decision.

The main areas you will need to learn about ERP/MRP Software are these:

  • What functions do these systems perform?
  • Learn the industry terminology.
  • Remember it is all about improving your business. You are making a huge investment not only in monetary terms but in time.  So use the opportunity to improve and redesign your processes, and always have the ultimate goal to improve your efficiency.
  • Finally get a sense of what these systems cost.

So set yourself some tasks:

  • Understand the basic software functionality.
  • Research newer, more advanced software capabilities.
  • Identify ten ways that MRP software will make your manufacturing business more efficient.
  • Get a sense of what a new software system will cost.

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