ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is the best way to store, collect, manage and interpret data in the manufacturing industry. It can manage many different assets from HR to financials and operations. In other words, it streamlines your operations so everything is much easier to organise and refer to.

The term ERP first emerged in 1990 and it is one of the best ways to manage everything in real-time.

Are you searching for the best ERP software providers, in the UK or beyond?

MIE-Solutions are one of the most popular ERP software providers for manufacturers, sheet metal fabricators and precision engineers. Its features include: RFQ/quotation/estimating, purchasing, sales order processing, time clock/HR, shipping and invoicing, router design, accounts integration, preventative maintenance, router design, purchasing and scheduling, and more.

Highly versatile, this ERP/MRP software can be used throughout the manufacturing industry. Our current clients include Recol Engineering, Drury Precision Engineering, Runfolds Plastics, TPSM, Paragon and Metal Assemblies Ltd.

Easy to install, use and implement, MIE-Trak Pro is accessible for any user. But if you need support, our staff are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

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