Did you know, British manufacturers are largely in favour of staying in Europe?

One recent poll by an accountancy firm stated that 60% of medium sized firms are favouring staying in the EU. With the British industry starting 2016 in better shape than anticipated, many companies are feeling positive about overall production following the Christmas period.

If you work in manufacturing and want to give your materials requirements planning (MRP) a boost, consider the MRP software from MIE-Solutions.

What happens within your supply chain is highly important, and it’s vital to bring in the right amounts of raw material at the right time.

MRP is an integral part of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and can help with your entire manufacturing chain, from buying raw materials to delivering finished goods to the customer.

Our software MIE-Trak Pro covers not only MRP but Quotations/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Orders, Purchasing, Scheduling, Cost/Reporting, Preventative Maintenance, Quality Control, Accounts Integration, Shop Floor Data Capture, Purchasing, and much more. It can also be adapted to suit any manufacturing process.

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