Material requirements planning (MRP) is a process tailor made for modern software. Since it involves the integration of data from production schedules, using computer technology makes it much more efficient.

This production planning and inventory control system is vital for calculating purchases, along with shipping schedules for parts or components to build a product.

There are three primary functions of an MRP system:

1. Ensuring that the appropriate materials are available.

2. Reducing waste by maintaining the lowest possible amount of materials and product levels in stock.

3. Helping to plan manufacturing functions, delivery schedules and purchasing.

At MIE-Solutions our software MIE-Trak Pro is designed to help with every aspect of manufacturing, including MRP. With this software’s advanced features, such as Quoting/Estimating, Purchasing and Stock Control, your business will be a cut above the rest.

Our aim is to provide advanced technology to improve your manufacturing firm’s productivity and quality.

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