Materials Requirements Planning is a production planning, scheduling and inventory control system. Before computer technology, methods like Economic Order Quantity were used in manufacturing and inventory management. But nowadays it’s best done using software.

Its three objectives are: ensuring materials are available for production/products and for delivery to customers; maintaining the lowest possible materials and product levels; and planning manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.

Our team aim to provide the ultimate in MRP solutions for any manufacturer.

With our MRP software solutions, production will reach maximum levels without waste or extra costs. Covering every aspect of MRP, your activities will be streamlined to provide maximum efficiency and immediate ROI. All you need is the power of MIE-Trak Pro: our market-leading capacity planning software.

Unlike some MRP software it offers a complete solution and can be adapted to any manufacturing process. That includes quoting and estimating, sales order processing, router design, purchasing, stock control, scheduling, costing, reporting, and shipping/invoicing.

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