With UK manufacturing reportedly in the doldrums, many companies are looking to improve their productivity in 2016.

Numerous businesses have had to cut jobs and prices amid an economic slowdown. One CIPS survey even found that the sector recorded its weakest market for three years; this has also been attributed to tough export markets. The survey also found that manufacturing employment fell for the third month going.

For market leading software solutions, consider the power of MIE-Trak Pro.

Our software covers a huge range of processes, including production scheduling.

As one of the most important processes, production scheduling can take up significant computing power; especially if there are a large number of tasks. With MIE-Trak Pro you have the ability to schedule both individual and group activities in work centres, then assign people specific tasks. This feature also provides capacity information, planning and on-time analysis, along with giving visual information of current workflows.

Other features include purchasing, works orders, sales order processing, quotation/estimating, inventory control, cost control, MRP scheduling, real time tracking and much more.

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