Does your manufacturing firm specialist in sheet metal?

One of the fundamental forms in metal work, it’s an important industrial process all over the world. In America during 2011, this industry was estimated to be worth $20.5 billion. Since the production of sheet metal involves so many different stages, it’s worth investing in the latest software to streamline your processes.

For a market leading software for sheet metal manufacturers, consider MIE-Trak Pro. Our software is popular with, not only sheet metal fabricators, but precision engineers and manufacturers.

Its amazing features include RFQ/Quotation/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Order, Router Design, Purchasing, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Time Clock/HR, Accounts Integration, Preventative Maintenance, Invoicing, Shipping, and much more. MIE-Solutions can also offer links to a range of external accounts packages.

Some of our current clients include Recol Engineering, Metal Assemblies Ltd, TPSM, Drury Precision Engineering, Colmet, Runfold Plastics, and Paragon Engineering.

Transform your manufacturing processes in 2016.

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