Software For The Sheet Metal Industry – 27th June 2016

Do you work in the sheet metal industry, and need software to streamline your business?

With countless everyday objects made using sheet metal, this industry was estimated to be worth $20.5 in the United States in 2011. Whether you work with stainless steel or aluminium, MIE-Trak Pro is the ideal software for anyone working in the sheet metal industry.

Why use MIE-Trak Pro for your business?

We offer a complete manufacturing solution that covers RFQ/Quotation/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Orders, Purchasing, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Time Clock/HR, Costing/Reporting, Stock Control, Preventative Maintenance, Router Design, Works Orders, and Shipping/Invoicing.

MIE-Trak Pro is used by a diverse range of companies, including L.W. Jenkins, a fine detail sheet metal specialist for the electronics industry. Our clients include Recol Engineering, TPSM, Metal Assemblies Ltd, Runfold Plastics, Drury Precision Engineering, Paragon Engineering and Logistics Limited and more.

Along with providing advanced software, our services also include full product support, training and on-site implementation.

Based in Worcestershire, our software is easy to use, install and implement.

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Advanced Scheduling Software Solutions – 13th June 2016

Did you know, industrial businesses could save 30% on electrical bills by adjusting their production schedules?

Scheduling can have also have a major impact on your productivity and, when done well, can minimise your costs in other areas. Software is a brilliant way to maximise your efficiency levels and reduce costs across any manufacturing business. Benefits of using production scheduling software include: increased efficiency, having real time information, inventory reduction and accurate delivery date quotes.

Everything from your inputs to your resource allocation will be much easier to track, and therefore much more productive.

Streamline operations across the entire workflow process.

MIE-Trak Pro offers a number of powerful features to maximise your productivity, including our scheduling feature. This feature gives the user the ability to schedule individual and multiple machines in work centres and assign specific employees to perform when required. It also gives you capacity information, planning and on-time analysis whilst giving visual information on current production workflows.

Our other features include Cost Control, MRP, Reporting, Quoting, Inventory Control, Real Time Tracking and much more. Easy to install, use and implement, MIE-Trak Pro can be used to incorporate any manufacturing process. Our aim is to apply advanced technology to common processes and make your life easier.

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Buy Production Scheduling Software – 6th June 2016

Take a look at MIE Solutions if you require high-quality production scheduling software. Production scheduling software like MIE-Trak Pro is ideal for companies working in the engineering and manufacturing industries, boosting productivity remarkably, reducing scheduling effort, cutting down production time, providing real time information and offering increased efficiency across a host of areas. MIE-Trak Pro is offers significant benefits for the entire manufacturing sector and comes complete with a wealth of features.

A Host of Features

MIE-Trak’s capabilities include planning and time management, machine assignment, visual information on workflows and capacity information. You’re more than welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about what MIE-Trak can do for you. This versatile software has also played an important role in the electronics industry. Other features include purchasing, stock control, costing and reporting, shipping and invoicing. At MIE Solutions, we’re a leading production software provider for the manufacturing sector. We supply advanced technology to boost your productivity and quality. We consistently aim to meet all customer requirements without ever forcing clients to compromise in speed, integrity or efficiency. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more about how MIE-Trak Pro and our various other products can benefit and your team.

Looking To Buy Production Scheduling Software? – 30th May 2016

Production scheduling is vitally important for both the manufacturing and engineering industries, as it can majorly impact your productivity. Since it can use up a significant amount of computing power, it’s worth investing in the best possible software.

Benefits of using advanced software include: reduced production time and scheduling effort; inventory reduction/levelling; real time information; accurate delivery dates; and increased efficiency all round.

Advanced technology to improve your productivity and quality.

MIE-Trak Pro is a leading production control software for the entire manufacturing sector.

If you’re looking to buy production scheduling software, this software will enable you to benefit from a huge range of features, with its scheduling capabilities including: capacity information, planning and time management, along with the ability to assign different machines to individual users. You will also benefit from visual information on current production workflows.

Whether you’re a sheet metal fabricator or precision engineer, MIE-Trak Pro will vastly improve not only your production scheduling, but quoting/estimating, sales order processing, purchasing, shop floor data capture, stock control, costing/reporting, and shipping/invoicing. Extremely versatile, our software has even recently been applied to the electronics industry.

For more reason to buy MIE-Trak Pro, click here.

Looking For The Best ERP Software Providers? – 23rd May 2016

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is the best way to store, collect, manage and interpret data in the manufacturing industry. It can manage many different assets from HR to financials and operations. In other words, it streamlines your operations so everything is much easier to organise and refer to.

The term ERP first emerged in 1990 and it is one of the best ways to manage everything in real-time.

Are you searching for the best ERP software providers, in the UK or beyond?

MIE-Solutions are one of the most popular ERP software providers for manufacturers, sheet metal fabricators and precision engineers. Its features include: RFQ/quotation/estimating, purchasing, sales order processing, time clock/HR, shipping and invoicing, router design, accounts integration, preventative maintenance, router design, purchasing and scheduling, and more.

Highly versatile, this ERP/MRP software can be used throughout the manufacturing industry. Our current clients include Recol Engineering, Drury Precision Engineering, Runfolds Plastics, TPSM, Paragon and Metal Assemblies Ltd.

Easy to install, use and implement, MIE-Trak Pro is accessible for any user. But if you need support, our staff are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

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Production Scheduling Software Solutions – 16th May 2016

There’s finally some good news about UK manufacturing, with industrial production having risen in the first quarter of this year. However, the sector has also contracted for the first time in three years, which is contributing to fears about the economy’s strength.

Meanwhile, China has recently set its own goals for manufacturing, including aims for a 7% growth in the next two years.

For production scheduling software solutions, consider investing in the power of MIE-Trak Pro. This ERP software can streamline your entire processes across the workflow, including production scheduling, through the use of the following features:

  • 1) Works Order/Router Design. This feature gives you the ability to group multiple sales orders and monitor costs with far greater ease.
  • 2) Scheduling. With this feature you can schedule individual and multiple machines in work centres, and give individual employees different tasks. It also provides capacity information so you can handle this process with much more clarity and diligence.
  • 3) Shop Floor Data Capture. This makes tracking much easier and enables you to observe efficiency and productivity in real time.
  • 4) Stock Control. Enables inventories in unlimited locations and a full inventory analysis, among other things.

These are just a few of MIE-Trak Pro’s incredible features which can help your production in 2016. For more about this software’s feature, along with how it could help your production scheduling, simply click here.

Production Planning Software – 9th May 2016

With UK manufacturing slumping to the lowest levels since 2013, many companies are looking for ways to reinvigorate their production process. Despite drawbacks, manufacturing remains an important force in the UK economy and could benefit greatly from the latest technology.

The use of software is transforming this particular industry, making it more efficient, streamlined and productive. It has been described as digitally connecting the dots’ and leading to great integration between departments.

Product planning is just one of the many operations which software could improve.

If you’re looking for Production Planning Software, you can’t go wrong with MIE-Solutions- a leading software solutions provider based in the UK. Easy to install, use and implement, our software has a host of incredible features to maximise your productivity, including scheduling, cost control, MRP, real time tracking, quoting/estimating, sales order processing, stock control and more.

The Stock Control feature enables you to maintain inventories in unlimited locations, differentiating certified materials if necessary.

Popular with sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers, MIE-Trak Pro offers a complete solution for your production planning.

For more about our Production Planning Software, click here.

A Leading Capacity Planning Software – 2nd May 2016

Is there a changing demand for your products in 2016? Do you require software to help with your Capacity Planning?

Getting this process right is an important part of remaining efficient, and maximising your profits. Discrepancies between your capacity and the customers’ demands, can result in under-utilised resources and customer dis-satisfaction- something no manufacturing firm needs in today’s competitive climate.

Software can help you to make your business more efficient, by introducing new techniques, and helping you organise equipment and materials with greater ease. IT is a fantastic way to reduce the complexity of manufacturing operations, especially in times of change and uncertainty. It can help you meet both long-term and short-term changes with greater shrewdness.

In particular, it can help you to achieve better integration between financial and operation procedures, by providing the data needed for capacity planning.

For leading Capacity Planning Software, consider the power of MIE-Trak Pro. Offering a complete software solution for the manufacturing industry, its features include RFQ/quotation/estimating, sales order processing, works orders, router design, invoicing and shipping, stock control, accounts integration, preventative maintenance and more.

Our stock control feature is an excellent way to control your capacity planning.

For more about MIE-Trak Pro, click here.

Need Production Scheduling Software Solutions? – 25th April 2016

With UK manufacturing reportedly in the doldrums, many companies are looking to improve their productivity in 2016.

Numerous businesses have had to cut jobs and prices amid an economic slowdown. One CIPS survey even found that the sector recorded its weakest market for three years; this has also been attributed to tough export markets. The survey also found that manufacturing employment fell for the third month going.

For market leading software solutions, consider the power of MIE-Trak Pro.

Our software covers a huge range of processes, including production scheduling.

As one of the most important processes, production scheduling can take up significant computing power; especially if there are a large number of tasks. With MIE-Trak Pro you have the ability to schedule both individual and group activities in work centres, then assign people specific tasks. This feature also provides capacity information, planning and on-time analysis, along with giving visual information of current workflows.

Other features include purchasing, works orders, sales order processing, quotation/estimating, inventory control, cost control, MRP scheduling, real time tracking and much more.

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Sheet Metal Software Solutions – 18th April 2016

Sheet metal is used for everything from car bodies, airplane wings and medical tables to roofs, transformers, electrical machines and architecture. In 2011, this industry was worth over $20.5 billion and the industry employed over 106,000 people.

Do you work in the sheet metal industry?

Whether you specialise in stainless steel, brass or aluminium, enhance your manufacturing processes with MIE-Trak Pro in 2016.

With the latest bad news about the steel industry, it’s easy to feel uneasy about the current state of UK manufacturing. Many companies are looking to use innovative technology to enhance their current practices. One energy leader recently commented how steel jobs can be saved by new cutting edge technology.

Our ERP software is extremely popular with sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

We can streamline your operations across the entire work flow process, including covering quotation/estimating, sales order processing, router design, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, costing/reporting and shipping/invoicing.

Based in Worcestershire, our software solutions are popular all over the UK.

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