ERP Software Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry – 11th April 2016

Do you require ERP software solutions?

Enterprise Resource Planning software features a suite of integrated applications, that help you to collect, store and manage data from numerous business activities. This makes it especially useful for manufacturing companies, who are looking for an easier way to streamline their processes.

ERP software solutions typically cover product planning, manufacturing services and delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management, and shipping and payments.

There are many reasons to consider ERP software- chiefly for the fact you won’t need lots of different software: only one package. It’s also great for manufacturing firms that don’t have easy access to information about their business. If your current sales and customer experience are suffering, that’s a sure-fire sign that ERP software could help.

It’s also useful if you feel the current organisation of your business processes is too complex and time consuming.

If you’re searching for market leading ERP software, consider MIE-Trak Pro. This powerful software is increasingly popular with a number of manufacturing firms, including sheet metal manufacturers. As a leading ERP software package, it offers a complete solution and can be adapted to incorporate any manufacturing process.

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Easy To Use MRP Software – 4th April 2016

UK manufacturing is currently being described as in the doldrums’. The steel industry in particular has been taking a battering of late.

Many companies are looking for software to enhance their current processes.

MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software is becoming increasingly popular with manufacturing companies. It can really help businesses tackle the challenges facing supply chains. This type of software usually boasts the lowest cost of use; this makes it ideal for small or medium firms.

MIE-Solutions offer market leading ERP/MRP software which offer integrated solutions for any manufacturing firm. MIE-Trak Pro can streamline operations across your entire workflow, providing maximum efficiency along with an immediate ROI.

Easy to install, use and implement, it includes many advanced features, including quotation/estimating, sales order processing, works orders, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, stock control, time clock/HR and costing/reporting.

Based in Worcestershire, MIE-Solutions will be exhibiting at this year’s MACH 2016 Manufacturing and Technologies event at the NEC in Birmingham. Why not find out what they can do for you?

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Production Planning Software – 28th March 2016

Trying to figure out the best manufacturing solution?

With manufacturing business confidence tumbling to a six-year low, many companies are looking to improve their production planning. According to BD Live, more than eight out of ten manufacturers are unsatisfied with their prevailing business conditions.

This is never good news in any case, but low manufacturing confidence also bodes ill for production, jobs and economic growth.

Surveys already show that production is underperforming, with another study showing that 9 in 10 UK manufacturers want to improve their productivity and efficiency. One of the best ways to improve matters is with better production planning.

If you require production planning software, consider the power of MIE-Trak Pro.

Our software offers a complete manufacturing package, which covers not only production planning, but sales order processing, costing/reporting, shop floor data capture, time clock/HR, accounts integration and much more.

MIE-Solutions is the leading production control software for the UK, and beyond. Some of our current clients include TPSM, Metal Assemblies Ltd, Paragon, Drury Precision Engineering, Contracts Engineering Ltd and Runfold Plastics.

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The Latest And Most Advanced MRP Software – 21st March 2016

If European and American manufacturing is to thrive, it must continually reimagine processes and production methods, with new technologies becoming the lifeblood’ of the industry.

This includes the use of MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) software for production planning, scheduling and inventory control systems. Although software has long been used in the industry, it’s only now we’re realising the true possibilities it can bring. MRP is particularly important as it’s about providing the right amount of raw materials, at the right time.

Recent developments in the industry include the use of digital marketing’ and software, to streamline and hone your processes.

If you want to take advantage of the latest MRP software, MIE-Trak Pro could be what you’re looking for. Many companies are looking to invest in this type of software in 2016.

Covering a wide range of functions, MIE-Trak Pro includes Quotation/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Orders, Purchasing, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Time/Clock HR, Costing/Reporting and Shipping/Invoicing.

MIE-Solutions are a market leading capacity software solutions provider, whose clients already include sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

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Looking To Buy MRP Software? – 14th March 2016

Did you know, British manufacturers are largely in favour of staying in Europe?

One recent poll by an accountancy firm stated that 60% of medium sized firms are favouring staying in the EU. With the British industry starting 2016 in better shape than anticipated, many companies are feeling positive about overall production following the Christmas period.

If you work in manufacturing and want to give your materials requirements planning (MRP) a boost, consider the MRP software from MIE-Solutions.

What happens within your supply chain is highly important, and it’s vital to bring in the right amounts of raw material at the right time.

MRP is an integral part of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and can help with your entire manufacturing chain, from buying raw materials to delivering finished goods to the customer.

Our software MIE-Trak Pro covers not only MRP but Quotations/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Orders, Purchasing, Scheduling, Cost/Reporting, Preventative Maintenance, Quality Control, Accounts Integration, Shop Floor Data Capture, Purchasing, and much more. It can also be adapted to suit any manufacturing process.

Why not find out how MIE-Trak Pro can streamline your business? For more info, click here.

Looking To Buy Production Planning Software – 7th March 2016

No matter where you are in the world, a manufacturing company relies on quality production planning. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to making a profit.

From single item manufacturing to mass production, there are many different types of production planning to suit you, including Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Master production schedules, MPR, Scheduling and Work Flow. It is one of the most vital necessities of management, and every establishment-no matter how big or small- has some kind of production planning.

Although modern manufacturing methods and tools have been developed since the 19th century, modern software is now making life much easier.

If you’re looking to buy Production Planning Software, consider MIE-Solutions. Our software MIE-Trak Pro can streamline your work procedures and significantly enhance your efficiency levels.

Its functions include: Quoting/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Order/Router Design, Purchasing, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Costing/Reporting, and Shipping/Invoicing.

Our software can also be adapted for any manufacturing process. Based in the Midlands, we want to be the backbone of your business, and promote the theory of being proactive rather than reactive.

Sheet Metal Software – 29th February 2016

UK manufacturing is experiencing the slowest growth since 2013, according to The Financial Times, which means the industry is experiencing a three-year slump. This hasn’t just been the case for the UK, either- France and Germany have also been suffering, while China’s factories have shrunk again.

One of the best ways to improve manufacturing is the use of ERP software, whether you’re based in the U.S, China or Britain.

If you work in the sheet metal industry, consider the power of MIE-Trak Pro to enhance your manufacturing processes. As one of the most fundamental forms in metalworking, sheet metal will always be in demand; but how can you stand out from the competition?

One of the best ways is ensuring your production is quick, efficient and produces quality products, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the easiest ways to do this.

MIE-Trak Pro is an excellent way to streamline your business and covers RFQ/quotations/estimations, sales order processing, works orders, Router design, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, stock control, invoicing and shipping, cost/reporting, preventative maintenance, and much more.

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ERP Manufacturing Software Providers – 22nd February 2016

One recent poll, by the EEF, suggested that productivity is still the most pressing issue faced by UK manufacturers. The poll also found that 64% of participants thought productivity has improved in the past two years, but mentioned many concerns that still existed. In particular, the main gains are in supply chain improvements and investing in machinery.

ERP Manufacturing Software is an excellent way to hone your productivity and improve efficiency. A quarter of those surveyed by Hennik Research’s Annual Manufacturing Report said that investing in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was their main focus regarding IT in 2016.

For one of the leading software providers, consider MIE-Solutions.

Our ERP software- MIE Trak Pro- is rapidly becoming indispensable to a wide range of companies, including sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers. MIE Trak Pro streamlines your operations across the entire workflow process and provides maximum efficiency along with immediate ROI. It is easy to install, use and implement and covers a wide range of functions.

Based in Worcestershire, our services also include training, full product support and on-site implementation.

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Production Scheduling Software – 15th February 2016

Looking to improve your production scheduling in 2016?

Consider MIE-Trak Pro.

The latest economic figures show a poor manufacturing output can be partly blamed on the weather. However, UK drink and food manufacturing is continuing to rise while production of handbags and luggage is also growing. In other words, there are definite spots of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy start to the year.

UK car manufacturing also hit a 10-year high, last year, with more vehicles exported than ever before. Nonetheless the average manufacturing output has slowed in the past few months.

If you want to bring your production processes into the 21st century, MIE-Trak Pro could be the answer you’re looking for. Our leading production control software covers a huge range of functions and can be adapted to incorporate any manufacturing process.

Easy to install, use and implement, MIE-Trak Pro is a market leading ERP and MRP software for the manufacturing industry. Our aim is to apply advanced technology to improve your manufacturing productivity and quality.

Transform your manufacturing with high technology, and you’ll never look back.

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What Is MRP Software? – 8th February 2016

Do you work in UK manufacturing? Do you need to improve your production planning in 2016?

MRP software (Materials Required Planning) is a type of planning production, scheduling and inventory control system, used to manage manufacturing processes and intended to meet three objectives: ensuring the right materials are available, maintain the lowest possible material and product levels, and planning manufacturing activities.

MRP software can help you manage low inventory levels, and is used to plan manufacturing, purchasing and delivering activities. Its basic functions include inventory control, bill of material processing and elementary scheduling.

For the best ERP and MRP software, consider MIE-Trak Pro. Our software is suitable for the entire manufacturing sector and already used by sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers of all kinds.

Based in Worcestershire, our market leading software could revolutionise your manufacturing processes this year.

Along with MIE-Trak Pro, MIE QuoteIT Pro is a leading Supply Chain Management Solution that will help increase productivity and boost your sales. Like MIE-Trak Pro, it is easy to set up, implement and maintain in any business organisation.

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