ERP Software Solutions – 1st February 2016

Good news- UK manufacturing growth has accelerated in January, with PMI (Purchasing Manager’s Input) hitting 52.9 after a rise in domestic orders. This means that expansion in the output of British companies has reached a 19 month high.

This is despite stronger competition and tough market conditions. Larger manufacturers have been performing particularly well, while smaller and medium-sized firms have found growth to be comparatively mild’.

If you run a small to medium-sized firm, why not consider ERP software?

Otherwise known as Enterprise Resource Planning, this is a great way to streamline your operations in 2016.

With our ERP software solutions, you can benefit from a wide range of features, including those that cover Quoting/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Router Design, Works Orders, Purchasing, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Scheduling, Costing, Reporting, Time/Clock HR, and Shipping/Invoicing.

Our market leading software, MIE-Trak Pro, is used by many different companies, including sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

MIE-Solutions are a leading production control software provider, based in Worcestershire.

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What Is ERP Manufacturing Software? – 25th January 2016

Unfortunately, there’s been a weak start to the year for UK manufacturers. As a result, many people are looking for ways to improve their productivity and efficiency.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom in January 2016: a survey of nearly 500 businesses found that investment intentions have improved in the last 12 months. This means many companies will be looking to recruit new staff over the next quarter.

If you want your company to benefit from innovative technology, consider ERP manufacturing software.

ERP software, otherwise known as Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a type of business management software that you can use to store, manage and interpret data from many different sources. These could include product planning, cost, manufacturing delivery, and much more.

At MIE-Solutions, we want all companies to benefit from the latest ERP software. Our software MIE-Trak Pro is the perfect solution for sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and a wide variety of manufacturers looking to maximise efficiency.

Our ERP software streamlines your entire workflow and covers quoting/estimating, sales order processing, router design, works orders, purchasing, shop floor data capture, stock control, scheduling, costing, reporting and shipping/invoicing.

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Production Scheduling Software Solutions – 18th January 2016

Although UK manufacturing has suffered a recession recently, car manufacturing has hit a 10 year high. However, unfortunately, this has been a rare morsel of good news recently.

Production dropped heavily in November, which caught many economists off-guard. Attention has now shifted to this particular part of manufacturing, with many people making predictions for the coming year.

One of the most important parts of production is scheduling- the fulcrum on which everything else turns. It involves the process of arranging, controlling and optimising work in a manufacturing process., whether allocating machinery, planning human resources or purchasing materials.

The number one purpose of scheduling is to reduce time and costs, along with maximising efficiency.

Enhance your production scheduling in 2016 with MIE-Trak Pro.

Along with a wide range of other features, this software’s scheduling gives the user the ability to schedule individual machines in work centres. You can easily assign different employees to perform specific work, if possible. Users can also produce what if’ scenarios to prepare for any situation.

ERP Software For Manufacturers – 11th January 2016

Want to improve your manufacturing processes in 2016?

With the UK manufacturing sector in recession, thanks to weak global demand and a strong exchange rate, which has been hitting industrial production, many firms are looking to improve their production rates in 2016. This means Britain needs an acceleration in the services sectors, to prevent further decline. Last year, almost every part of the sector suffered from a decline in production.

One of the best ways to improve production is the use of advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. This type of software can aid in integrating various functions or departments within a company. In this way, it’s been likened to the brain of an organisation’ by Talk Business Magazine. It’s ideal for improving scalability, reporting, customer relations, collocation and saving money.

We offer a complete manufacturing software package, which covers RFQ/estimating, sales order processing, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, invoicing, shipping, stock control, preventative maintenance, works orders, and more. This ERP/MRP software (MIE-Trak Pro) will revolutionise your business practices in 2016, and beyond.

Our software is already used by a number of sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

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Software for the Sheet Metal Industry – 4th January 2016

Whether you work with aluminium, brass, copper, steel or titanium, sheet metal is always in demand, being used for car bodies, airplane wings, architecture and medical tables, among other things. It’s no wonder this industry is worth over $20.5 billion in the US alone. In America, 4,000 firms specialising in this product employing over 106,000 workers.

For software perfectly engineered for the sheet metal industry, consider MIE-Trak Pro.

Already used by a range of sheet metal fabricators worldwide, it could transform your manufacturing processes in 2016.

From forming, bending and curling to deep drawing, the production of sheet metal can be laborious. But with the help of MIE-Trak your logistics and administrative procedures will quickly be revolutionised, making life much easier.

Our leading production control software will enhance both your productivity and quality. Although great for the sheet metal industry, our software is also ideal for any number of manufacturing companies and precision engineers. This is because it can be adapted to incorporate any manufacturing process and offers a complete production control solution.

Streamline your manufacturing processes in 2016.

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Need to buy Sheet Metal Software? – 21st December 2015

Does your manufacturing firm specialist in sheet metal?

One of the fundamental forms in metal work, it’s an important industrial process all over the world. In America during 2011, this industry was estimated to be worth $20.5 billion. Since the production of sheet metal involves so many different stages, it’s worth investing in the latest software to streamline your processes.

For a market leading software for sheet metal manufacturers, consider MIE-Trak Pro. Our software is popular with, not only sheet metal fabricators, but precision engineers and manufacturers.

Its amazing features include RFQ/Quotation/Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Works Order, Router Design, Purchasing, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Time Clock/HR, Accounts Integration, Preventative Maintenance, Invoicing, Shipping, and much more. MIE-Solutions can also offer links to a range of external accounts packages.

Some of our current clients include Recol Engineering, Metal Assemblies Ltd, TPSM, Drury Precision Engineering, Colmet, Runfold Plastics, and Paragon Engineering.

Transform your manufacturing processes in 2016.

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ERP Manufacturing Software – 14th December 2015

Looking to improve your manufacturing processes, in 2016?

Many experts think that UK manufacturing has a bright future, but needs to plan ahead with greater diligence, according to a survey by Fanuc UK. Which is precisely what ERP software aims to do.

One of the top barriers to UK manufacturers is staying ahead of competition. The best way to do this is through technological innovation, with 39% believing IT is the most important division.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a type of business management software that can be used to collect, store and manage data from any business activity, including product planning/cost, manufacturing/service delivery, marketing and sales, and inventory management.

Nowadays it is considered an invaluable tool for manufacturers, because it integrates various different organisational systems. It’s now the best way to carry out error-free transactions and production. ERP systems typically include integrated systems which operate in real-time, a common database to support all functions, and the installation of a system with elaborate data integration.

Here at MIE-Solutions, we offer some of the most advanced ERP manufacturing software on the market.

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Production Scheduling Software – 7th December 2015

With UK manufacturing experts expecting a hard winter and output falling in October, it’s might be that you’re looking to improve your production practises. Core manufacturing output fell by 0.4% during the autumn- a trend we don’t want to continue.

Anything which can improve productivity gets the thumbs-up from most companies. In particular, improving your scheduling can have some huge benefits.

Give your productivity a boost with MIE-Solutions. Our software MIE-Trak Pro offers a complete manufacturing package that can improve a wide range of processes, including sales order process, scheduling, purchasing, shop floor data capture, shipping, invoicing, stock control, quality control, accounts integration, purchasing, and much more.

We want to help you use the latest technology to transform traditional manufacturing processes, along with streamlining your practices for both higher quality products and greater productivity. It can be adapted to include any manufacturing process and is developed by professionals with a history working in the industry. We want to give UK manufacturing a brighter future by improving its most vital processes.

With our market leading software, you can really get ahead in 2016.

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Production Planning Software – 30th November 2015

Despite slow growth in November, UK manufacturing is still emerging out of a recession. Experts have predicted that the sector’s set to grow in the next quarter. With UK manufacturing moving back into expansion mode, production is likely to rise in the coming year.

Production planning lies at the heart of all manufacturing processes, whether you produce toys, food or sheet metal. Traditionally it had to all be done on paper, and way in advance. But now, with modern software you can benefit from the latest technology to speed matters up, along with making them more efficient.

At MIE Solutions our production planning software will enhance and streamline your manufacturing workflow processes, improving everything from scheduling to sales order processing.

MIE Trak Pro is a leading production control software that could improve both your productivity and quality.

Easy to install, use and implement, MIE Trak Pro simplifies rather than overcomplicates the production planning process. Whether you work in single item manufacturing, batch production, mass production or continuous production, you can benefit from our advanced software. MIE Trak Pro is already used by a wide range of companies, including precision engineers and manufacturers.

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ERP Manufacturing Software – 23rd November 2015

Innovation is one of the greatest ways to move UK manufacturing forward, especially the use of high quality software.

With the Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson announcing £10 million research hubs to address long-term challenges to the industry, it’s clear that everybody is looking for ways to improve UK manufacturing.

At MIE-Solutions, our MIE-Trak Pro software offers a complete manufacturing package for a wide range of companies.

This ERP manufacturing software could help you improve a wide range of processes, including stock control, sales order processing, works orders, router design, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, invoicing, shipping and much more.

By using a system of integrated applications you can both simplify and enhance your manufacturing practises, along with automating many back-office functions. This will save you both time and money along with improving your overall reputation.

At MIE-Solutions our aim is to apply advanced technology to improving a company’s manufacturing productivity and quality.

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