UK production manufacturing dropped 0.8% in July. It also remained sluggish in August, so summer hasn’t been the best time for manufacturing. Unfortunately this was the only industry to report a decline over this period. This follows a good two years for UK manufacturing, therefore the problems might be linked to the Chinese economy.

Whatever the case, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their production control. Since it’s a vital part of manufacturing, this is an important way to improve the industry.

Why not harness the power of software? In today’s technology-driven world, this is the way to move your production control forward.

At MIE-Solutions our MIE-Trak Pro software is the ultimate solution. It has a number of powerful features which could have a great effective on production. These include Sales Order Processing, Router Design, Works Orders, Purchasing, Stock Control, Scheduling, Costing, Reporting, and Shipping/Invoicing.

It will streamline your manufacturing processes like never before.

For more on MIE-Trak Pro click here.

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