In the UK companies are always looking to improve their manufacturing processes.

With the closure of the huge steel company, SSI Steel, it’s been a tough year for the industry. However, UK manufacturing had been steadily growing before the 2008 recession struck, and surely will so again. Indeed, the sector had been growing steadily and the case with SSI Steel is the first job losses in these past two years.

Productivity is undeniably a big part of this. Although it has grown by 0.9% in the first to second quarter, it’s still 15% below pre-recession levels.

Software is now one of the best ways to enhance your manufacturing operations, which are reliant on accurate and speedy data, designated employees and dealing with the unexpected. Production control is closely linked to maximum profits in the manufacturing industry. It therefore pays to invest in software which minimizes the risk of either under or over-production.

MIE-Solutions are one of the leading providers of Production Control Software. Our software MIE-Trak Pro streamlines your operations across the entire workflow process. Our current clients include Recol Engineering, TPSM, Metal Assemblies Ltd, Paragon Engineering, Drury Precision Engineering, Runfold Plastics, and much more.

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