If your manufacturing company isn’t reaching maximum levels of productivity, you might want to harness the power of software. Planning and scheduling production processes are complex in any manufacturing environment. Many current MRP or production systems just don’t have the right level of detail for such complex procedures.

Even the simplest product has to go through complicated stages. That includes those that are time and sequence dependent. Every planner also has to cope with problems like machine breakdowns, reworks, rush orders, and staff being absent.

For the best production planning solution, MIE-Solution’s comprehensive software MIE-Trak Pro is ideal. Whatever part of the manufacturing industry you work in, our software could benefit you. It’s certainly cheaper than investing in a new plant and will help you make the most of present facilities.

Advanced features of MIE-Trak Pro include quotation/estimating, sales order processing, router design, works orders, purchasing, stock control, shop floor data capture, scheduling, costing’s, reporting, time clock/HR, and shipping/invoicing. Our mission is to offer advanced technology to improve productivity and quality.

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