Although UK manufacturing has suffered a recession recently, car manufacturing has hit a 10 year high. However, unfortunately, this has been a rare morsel of good news recently.

Production dropped heavily in November, which caught many economists off-guard. Attention has now shifted to this particular part of manufacturing, with many people making predictions for the coming year.

One of the most important parts of production is scheduling- the fulcrum on which everything else turns. It involves the process of arranging, controlling and optimising work in a manufacturing process., whether allocating machinery, planning human resources or purchasing materials.

The number one purpose of scheduling is to reduce time and costs, along with maximising efficiency.

Enhance your production scheduling in 2016 with MIE-Trak Pro.

Along with a wide range of other features, this software’s scheduling gives the user the ability to schedule individual machines in work centres. You can easily assign different employees to perform specific work, if possible. Users can also produce what if’ scenarios to prepare for any situation.

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