Sheet metal is used for everything from car bodies, airplane wings and medical tables to roofs, transformers, electrical machines and architecture. In 2011, this industry was worth over $20.5 billion and the industry employed over 106,000 people.

Do you work in the sheet metal industry?

Whether you specialise in stainless steel, brass or aluminium, enhance your manufacturing processes with MIE-Trak Pro in 2016.

With the latest bad news about the steel industry, it’s easy to feel uneasy about the current state of UK manufacturing. Many companies are looking to use innovative technology to enhance their current practices. One energy leader recently commented how steel jobs can be saved by new cutting edge technology.

Our ERP software is extremely popular with sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers.

We can streamline your operations across the entire work flow process, including covering quotation/estimating, sales order processing, router design, purchasing, scheduling, shop floor data capture, costing/reporting and shipping/invoicing.

Based in Worcestershire, our software solutions are popular all over the UK.

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