Over the past decade, software has revolutionised a number of industries, including manufacturing. For instance, it is now the easiest way to estimate costs for a specific project and settle on a bid price. It is ideal for contractors who want to streamline the process.

Far more efficient than traditional methods, it means less time spent determining the costs and establishing prices. One can quickly review a project’s plans and specifications, without using hand-written notes. Reliance on hand-written documents is often tedious and prone to error. Since collaboration and information sharing is limited, productivity is far from maximised. Software, however, will help you reach maximum production levels.

If you’re wondering, Where can I buy estimating software?’ simply pay a visit to MIE-Solutions. Our excellent MIE-Trak Pro is the ideal solution for any number of manufacturers. Among its many features is the quotations/estimating facility, giving your organisation the ability for anyone to create a quote. Anyone who can read a drawing will henceforth be able to use formulas and tables to calculate different operations.

Other features include Sales Order Processing, Router Design, Works Orders, Stock Control, Purchasing, Scheduling, Costings, and more.

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