ERP software, otherwise known as Enterprise Resource Planning’, is a type of business management software. Typically, it is a suite of integrated applications that companies use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. This includes product planning and costs, inventory management, manufacturing delivery and shipping.

ERP software is an excellent way to provide an integrated view of core business processes. If you work within manufacturing, such software is an invaluable tool. It can track numerous business resources you work with, including cash, raw materials and production capacity. And since it streamlines various organisational systems, it helps facilitate error-free transactions and production. It also enables management to make decisions faster, and improves the quality and efficiency of a business.

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Our excellent MIE Trak Pro provides the complete software solution for the manufacturing industry. It successfully integrates and streamlines your operation across all the sales, manufacturing, engineering and accounting functions to provide maximum efficiency and immediate ROI. It also includes numerous advanced features, such as Cost Control, MRP, Scheduling, Reporting, Quoting, Job Costing, Inventory Control and Real Time Tracking.

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