Without quality software, estimating quotes can be time-consuming. It also makes it a highly specialised job that only certain people can do. If you’re searching where to buy Estimating Software, consider our MIE Trak Pro. Among other powerful features, our Quoting/Estimating module will enable anyone to read a drawing, read a formula and create a quote.

The leading production control software in its class, MIE Trak Pro also covers Sales Order Processing, Router Design, Works Orders, Purchasing, Shop Floor Data Capture, Stock Control, Scheduling, Costing, Reporting, Time Clock/HR and Shipping/Invoicing.

Popular with sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers, our software can be used in any area of manufacturing.

Based in Worcestershire, we have over 25 years of experience and are currently used by over 10,000 companies worldwide. Our software is formulated by those with direct experience in the manufacturing industry. With their first-hand insights, the founders of MIE-Solutions created software tailor-made for manufacturing practices.

Services also include training, full product support and on-site implementation.

When you buy with us, you’re guaranteed to buy with confidence.

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