Looking for great estimating software providers? Do you work in the manufacturing industry?

This type of software consists of a collection of programmes, processes and information used to calculate such costs. Automating formulations previously obtained through manual spreadsheets and calculators, it’s now the quickest, most efficient system available for most companies.

In general this improves any manufacturer’s ability to accurately calculate the true cost of a project, enhancing productivity and easing the accountability of resources. This software is used in many different sectors of the manufacturing industry. While there are different versions for commercial, residential and industrial applications, a lot of software has similar capabilities.

For the best estimating software, simply had to MIE Solutions. We are the leading developer of high quality Quoting and Estimating software systems. Our solutions enable those in the manufacturing industry to reduce time, costs, and errors, and therefore achieve the best levels of productivity possible.

Benefits of our software MIE QuoteIT include: reducing re-typing and duplication, linking documents, CAD CAM data, real time pricing and quote response to customers, customisable reports and documents, user defined formulas and tables for detailed quoting, and much more.

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