The scope of MRP in manufacturing.

In 1983, Oliver Wight developed MRP into manufacturing resource planning (MRP II). In the 1980s, Joe Orlicky’s MRP evolved into Oliver Wight’s manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) which brings master scheduling, rough-cut capacity planning, capacity requirements planning, SOP in 1983 and other concepts to classical MRP. By 1989, about one third of the software industry was MRP II software sold to American industry ($1.2 billion worth of software).

MRP is not a new concept, what is new is the availability of MRP Production Control Software to all manufacturing businesses. MRP Software no longer is just for the big boys!

MIETrak Pro is specifically designed to mold into the smallest of manufacturing producers to the largest of manufacturing producers.

Our MRP Production Control Software will change your outlook on manufacturing forever.

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