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Celebrating Apprentices

Congratulations to our latest apprentice Mateus Kowalski for successfully completing his advanced IT Apprenticeship and becoming a full-time Technical Support Engineer at MIE Solutions. Over the past 12 months, Mateusz has cemented his position as a key member of the team, always working with a steely determination to succeed and an ambition to learn every aspect of the involved MIETrak Pro software. It has been a privilege to watch Mateusz grow into his role and further progress to become a member of the development team, where we have no doubt he will continue to thrive.

“My experience has been nothing short of amazing. From day one, I have been immersed in a dynamic and supportive environment where I have had the opportunity to work closely with a team of experienced professionals. This apprenticeship has allowed me to gain invaluable hands-on experience in providing technical support for MIE Solutions’ software products. I have been able to assist customers with their inquiries and issues, learning from the expertise of my colleagues and receiving guidance along the way. This experience has not only deepened my understanding of the company’s products and services but has also sharpened my problem-solving skills and expanded my technical knowledge. I am grateful for the solid foundation this apprenticeship has provided me in my journey towards a successful career.”
Mateusz Kowalski

Euan and Mateusz

Our newest Apprentice Ean Lewis is now 4 months into his Advanced IT Apprenticeship and has settled into the role as a ‘technical support engineer’ with promise. From day 1 Euan has been an involved member of the team and to his credit has already developed an impressive understanding of the software and performs to the exacting standards we require in order to best serve our customers.

“My apprenticeship has served as a catalust for both personal and professional growth. I find immense satisfaction from my role, finding fulfilment in both my work and continuous learning. I have developed invaluable skills in a range of interests, including T-SQL, database management, data handling, troubleshooting, and interpersonal communication. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn on-the-job from my colleagues, learning specific skills fit for the workplace. I look forward to developing my skills even further.”
Euan Lewis

It is nearly 10 years since we began our commitment to apprenticeships in order to provide accessible and specialised training to young people trying to get a foot on the employment ladder. Since then we have held an impressive 100% apprenticeship to employment rate with all our current technical support and development teams progressing through the initiative. From a business standpoint alone the time and effort spent in nurturing these apprentices has been rewarded tenfold, but it is the pride we feel in the team we have developed today and the success they have achieved that is the biggest reward for us.

At MIE Solutions we are firmly committed to investing in the future of the younger generations. We actively encourage other like-minded companies to do the same, to ensure educational opportunities and entry into the workplace are accessible for any young person with the drive to succeed