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In today’s world, having one system that manages everything is becoming more and more popular. There are companies that offer complete packages that include ERP and CAD/CAM software, but are they really sufficient to suit the ever demanding industry?

This is where MIE Solutions UK partnership with Metamation comes into its own. With our partnership, you get two individual companies who are experts in their fields, which combine their market leading solutions to muster a complete manufacturing package.

So we have two market leaders in their respective fields, now how do they actually integrate and what are the benefits?

From the outset, the two systems combine at the quoting stage. Metamation’s Enterprise engine tools the parts automatically to work out information such as machine cycle times. This information is then transferred over to MIE Trak’s quoting module QuoteIT Pro, which uses the information to work out costing’s for quoting purposes using machine CAM information, using this method means your costing’s and predicted schedule times are more precise as more machine factors are taken into account.

Job cards that are then produced from within the MIE Trak Pro system are passed back over to Enterprise that then enables the dynamic nesting of jobs. Dynamic nesting enables users to go to the n’th degree when deciding on the complexity of the nests they wish to create. The two systems combined offer the ultimate solution from the very design of products through to the shipping and invoicing.


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