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Production Control Specialist of the Month – February 2017

MRP Production Control Software Industrial Process News is incredibly pleased to present MIE Solutions UK Ltd as its richly deserved Production Control Specialist of the Month.

MIE Solutions UK holds the prestigious status as one of the foremost providers of the highly recommended MRP production control software (commonly known as MIE Trak). Although based in Worcestershire, the recognisable brand also has a presence in Mexico, South Africa, Australia and America, essentially servicing the whole manufacturing industry with its meticulously developed technological solutions and knowledge obtained from over 25 years of sheet metal, engineering and fabrication experience.

The MIE Trak story began in the 1980s and it was over the course of the next ten years when FabriTrak was born: a unique ERP system that would, in effect, assist in automating the manufacturing process in its entirety. What followed was a whirlwind of activity instigating much change; after being licensed to Metalsoft and Amada America a complete overhaul saw a total reshuffle of the company’s structure and software, resulting in the creation of MIE Solutions and MIE Trak 32.

This modernisation occurred in 2007 and despite noticeable differences set into motion by Managers David Ferguson and Don Clutter (of the USA division) and Sam Hawkes and Chris Mann (of the UK site), the workforce ensured to continuously instil the core values of MIE Solutions. This is evidenced with the MIE Trak Pro, which is the most contemporary version of this innovative software package.

“We have developed manufacturing software made by manufacturing professionals for manufacturing professionals,” explained Heather Waterson, Marketing Consultant at MIE Solutions UK Ltd. “With hundreds of UK users, MIE Trak Pro has become an industry-specific complete software solution that is easy to use, install and implement.

“As a world class support system it will guide your business as you continue to grow and develop in the future. We also remain committed to our customers even after installation, meaning you can be assured that our team will continue to offer a professional training and support network should you require this.”

Suitable for manufacturers within the aerospace, automation & robotics, automotive/transport, precision engineering, sheet metal, building materials, chemicals, construction, plastics, electrical, electronics, food & beverage, green energy, marine, medical, pharmaceutical, nuclear and oil & gas sectors, the affordable product comes as a complete solution.

Features and capabilities include RFQ’s, estimating software, works order, purchasing, MRP, stock control, costing, production scheduling, planning & tracking software, reporting, shop floor data capture (optional), delivery notes and invoicing.

“We are excited to have just secured our biggest client yet!” Heather enthused when asked to discuss the company’s recent achievements and long term plans. “We are fast outgrowing our current facilities and are looking to expand into bigger premises in the very near future. This will involve employing more professionals to support our growth and, more importantly, our customers.

“Conclusively, MIE Solutions takes pride in its dedication to continually developing and enhancing its software, learning from our customers to ensure that we are continually adapting to the industry’s needs. We apply advanced technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality in the field of manufacturing – we do not compromise on product, quality or service; and we firmly believe neither should you!”

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